Raring2go! Bath & Trowbridge

13 Raring2go! ACTIVITY As the world awakens with the vibrant colours and fragrances of spring, it's the perfect time to channel our newfound energy into creative activity with your little ones. Involving children in do-it-yourself spring crafts not only nurtures their artistic abilities but also provides an outlet for fun, learning, and the joy of self-expression. 1. Flower Power Collages: Celebrate the beauty of spring blooms with flower power collages. Collect a variety of colourful petals, leaves, and blossoms, and let children arrange them imaginatively. Whether it's a floral masterpiece or an abstract creation, this activity encourages an appreciation for nature's artistry, textures and colours. 2. Egg Box Caterpillars: Turn ordinary egg boxes adorable caterpillars. Cut sections of the box, let children paint each segment, and attach googly eyes for that whimsical touch. It's a delightful way to recycle and repurpose materials which also spark the creative senses and fine motor skills. 3. Butterfly Mobiles: Capture the enchanting spirit of butterflies in a DIY mobile project. Cut butterfly shapes from coloured paper or use printable templates. Then decorate with markers, stickers or glitter and attach them to strings to hang from a wooden hoop or a branch. This craft not only encourages creativity but also introduces children to the beauty of symmetry. 4. Rainy Day Puddle Paintings: Embrace the unpredictable spring weather with a craft that celebrates rain. On a rainy day, place paper on the ground and let raindrops create unique puddle paintings. Add a splash of colour with watercolour paints or powdered drink mix for an interesting and whimsical twist. Beautiful art will be created! 5. Garden Rock Markers: Transform ordinary garden rocks into decorative plant markers. Paint the rocks with vibrant colours and add the names of herbs or flowers with acrylic paint or markers. It's a practical and charming way to involve children in gardening while personalising the family garden. 6. DIY Nature Journals: Encourage young explorers to document their springtime adventures with DIY nature journals. Provide blank notebooks and allow children to decorate the covers with drawings or collages of items they find in nature. Take the journals on outdoor walks to record observations, sketches or pressed flowers. Engaging children in DIY spring crafts not only stimulates their imagination but also provides a platform for learning about the season's natural wonders. These simple and enjoyable activities build creativity, motor skills, and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us during this season. So, roll up your sleeves, buy crafting supplies, and let the artistic exploration begin in your home this spring. Blooms and Brushes: DIY Spring Crafts to Ignite Children's Creativity