Raring2go! Bath & Trowbridge

Plant a Family Garden: Start a small garden together with flowers, herbs or vegetables. It's a great way to teach children about nature and responsibility while enjoying the process of watching plants blossom and grow. Pavement Chalk Art: Head to your driveway or a local park with colourful pavement chalk. Encourage creativity and create vibrant spring-themed artwork on the pavement. Make sure you take a selfie before a spring rain shower washes your creation away! Fly a Kite: Take advantage of the spring winds and fly a kite in an open field. It's a simple yet enjoyable activity for the whole family. It’s still one of those things that makes us stare in wonder! Go on a Nature Walk: Take a leisurely stroll through a nature reserve or on a hiking trail. Bring a guidebook to identify different plants and animals and take the time to appreciate the beauty of the changing season. Spring is such a lovely time to be outdoors so make the most of it! Outdoor Yoga or Exercise Session: Find a peaceful spot in a park or your back garden and practice yoga as a family. Alternatively, engage in a fun and energetic outdoor exercise session, such as a family friendly workout or a game of ultimate frisbee. a family this Spring