Raring2go! Birmingham

15 Raring2go! Neighbours and communities across the United Kingdom are invited to share food and fun together at Coronation Big Lunches on Sunday 7th May in a nationwide act of celebration and friendship. From a cup of tea with a neighbour to a street party, a Coronation Big Lunch brings the celebrations to your local area and is a great way to get to know your community a little better. Thousands of events will take place in every corner of the UK this May as people take to their streets, gardens, parks and community spaces to join the Coronation celebrations and mark this historic occasion. There are Free downloadable resources available online by the Big Lunch team to help people and local communities start their Coronation Big Lunch planning. To give you a helping hand, here’s a few tips: Pick a time: You don’t have to have a Big Lunch at Lunchtime! If for various reasons, it’s proving tricky to get everyone together for a daytime lunch, how about a Lunar Lunch? If anyone is fasting during Ramadan, or working irregular shift patterns, the Lunar Lunch will bring people together after dark and you can feast your way into the night! Invite the neighbours: Got a local WhatsApp or Facebook group? Invite the neighbours and spread the word. Publicise your event locally and if you're not a member of Nextdoor yet, take a minute to sign up so you can connect with locals that way too. And of course, try to invite people personally, as you'll no doubt find people who want to help with the organising too! Hang the bunting: Make bunting using scraps of old material, plastic bags or the contents of your recycling box. You could ask others to make bits and link them all together. On the day, give the kids some chalk to decorate the pavement. Take a look at a few of our simple ideas for decorations. You could have a prize for the 'best dressed' home! Tickle the Tastebuds: You could ask everyone to bring something to share, odd numbers bring savory, evens sweet, or keep it simple and safe and just ask people to bring their own lunch. If you have the time, take a look at some simple recipes shared online by Big Lunchers. Enjoy the day! Try to make sure that your entertainment, games and activities are suitable and safe for all. Set a time for lunch so that everyone comes out at the right moment. Organise some music or ask everyone to tune into the same radio station or open their windows, or see what local talent there is to organise a little live performance or sing along! Make sure yoo take plenty photos and lots of selfies and most importantly, have fun! Fundraise at your Big Lunch Lots of people use their Big Lunch to raise awareness or funds for a cause close to their heart, be it for their own community group or a local asset such as a children's play area, or for a national charity. In 2022 a whopping £22 million pounds was raised at Big Lunch and Big Jubilee Lunch events across the UK, and the majority of that was for local charities and causes. After the party Once the bunting is down, don’t forget to share your story, using hashtags like: #TheBigLunch and #TheCoronationBigLunch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh, and this is the grown up bit... make sure you tidy up and take your rubbish home with you! The Coronation Big Lunch Join the nation in celebration and be part of history on Sunday May 7th!