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4 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! WHAT’S ON 2 .co.uk What’s OnSummer 2024 JULY TUESDAYS THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 5-7PM MULTI-SPORTS ACTIVITIES e see For further details, please c.gov.uk www.bishopsstortfordtc Sworders Field, Bishops Stortford CM23 2AY Friday 5th to 7th July SIGN OF THE TIMES FESTIVAL ands With a host of brilliant ba ross and legendary artists, ac Stage the huge Main Outdoor e and Big Top Stage, in the hurch picturesque setting of Ch be one End Farm, Herts, this will mmer. of the festivals of the Sum Hadham Church End Farm, Little H SG11 2DY Friday 6th July WARE CARNIVAL at a This year’s theme is “Wha rade Load of Rubbish”.The par Fair is followed by the Town d with stalls, live music, and entertainment in Priory Gardens. Ware Town, Ware SG12 9AL Sunday 21st July HERTFORD CASTLE TEDDY BEARS PICNIC and Bring your teddy along a stle, join the fun! Hertford Ca Hertford SG14 1HR Thursday 25th July to 24th August SOUTH MILL ARTS CENTRE BISHOPS STORTFORD ill Arts, This summer at South M to all families are welcome at their enjoy shows and events the local arts centre. During red holidays, Victorian-inspir

5 Raring2go! WHAT’S ON 3 activities will be taking place. Learn how Victorians spent their day-to-day life. The museum offers drop-in children’s activities from 10am – 2pm, for just £1 per child with no need to book. Bishops Stortford CM23 3JG From Sunday 27th July to 26th August CHILDREN’S SUMMER TRAIL The trail is aimed at children to enjoy with their families and runs from Saturday 22nd July to Saturday 26th August. Knitted characters will be hiding in shop windows around the town centre for children to find. Solve the puzzle for the chance to win a prize! Pick up a map from Hertford Town and Tourist Information Centre, Hertford Library or Hertford Museum. Hertford Town SG14 1HR Tuesday 30th Wednesday 31st July & Thursday 1st August KIDS CRAFTS – GLOVE PUPPETS Decorate a glove puppet to make your own character. South Mill Arts Museum, Bishops Stortford CM23 3JG AUGUST Wednesday 7th August HERTFORD PLAY DAY In conjunction with the national ‘Play Day’ - a day of play - Hertford Town Centre will be filled with child-friendly activities, games, promotions and events, many of which are free of charge to enjoy. Hertford Town SG14 1HR Wednesday 7th August THE TALE OF JEMIMA PUDDLE-DUCK BY QUANTUM THEATRE Quantum presents a delightful new adaption of Beatrix Potter’s much-loved tale. This is an outdoor event at Hatfield Forest, booking is essential. For details see www. nationaltrust.org.uk/visit/essexbedfordshire-hertfordshire/ hatfield-forest/events Hatfield Forest, Takeley CM22 6NE Tuesday 13th August CRAZY GOLF Put your putting to the test, all ages welcome, free event for more information visit Ware Town Council website. Ware Priory, Ware SG12 9AL Thursday 15th August MINI BUMPER CARS Have a go with friends on these mini bumper cars! Organised by Ware Town Council, see website for details. Ware Priory,Ware SG12 9AL Sunday 18th August HERTFORD OPEN AIR CINEMA SING 2 Enjoy the family favourite Sing 2 at Hertford Castle. Bring a chair, picnic or treat yourselves to the food stalls and bar, sit back and enjoy the screening. Hertford Castle, Hertford SG14 1HR Thursday 22nd August MULTI SPORTS Turn up and have a go! Organised by Ware Town Council, see website for details. Ware Priory,Ware SG12 9AL Saturday 31st August FUN ON THE FIELD – BULLFIELDS PARK SAWBRIDGEWORTH Fun on the Field is a family fun day with dog show, stalls, live music and is a free to attend event. Bullfields Park, Sawbridgeworth CM21 9EA SEPTEMBER W/C 23rd September SAWBRIDGEWORTH SCHOOLS TRAVEL CHALLENGE WEEK Schools travel challenge week involves all 5 schools in the town with Sustainable travel to school.The week comes to an end on Saturday in a town event called “Town Walk” which is linked with Community Connections, which is where all local clubs, groups and societies have a stall to share information. See Sawbridgeworth Town Council website for more information www. sawbridgeworth-tc.gov.uk

Beach Day: Spend a day at the beach building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, swimming, and enjoying a picnic. Don't forget sunscreen and beach toys! Outdoor Movie Night under the Stars: Set up a projector and screen in the back garden for an outdoor movie night. Bring out blankets, pillows, and snacks for a cosy evening of family entertainment. Fruit Picking: Visit a local orchard or berry farm and pick your own fruits. It's not only a fun outdoor activity but also provides fresh, delicious fruits for snacks or homemade treats. Water Balloon Fight: Cool off on a hot summer day with a family water balloon fight in the back garden. It's a fun and refreshing way to stay active and beat the heat. Camping in the Back Garden: Set up a tent, make s'mores, and tell stories around a campfire (if permitted). Camping in the back garden is a great way to introduce younger family members to the camping experience. 10 fun things to do as

Family Bike Ride: Explore scenic bike trails or ride around your neighbourhood. Summer is an ideal time for a family bike adventure, providing exercise and quality time together. Kayaking or Canoeing: If you live near a lake or river, consider renting kayaks or canoes for a family paddling adventure. It's a great way to enjoy nature while staying active. Outdoor Sports Day: Organise a family sports day with activities like football, basketball, or even a mini-Olympics. Divide into teams and compete in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Outdoor BBQ and Picnic: Fire up the grill and have a family barbecue in your back garden or a local park. Pack a picnic with all the summertime favourites like grilled burgers, hot dogs, and fresh salads. Amusement Park: Spend a day at a local water park or amusement park for thrilling rides, water slides, and family entertainment. It's a surefire way to create lasting summer memories. a family this Summer

8 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! C M ED I T I ON UXE DEL VENTURE. YOUR AD YOUR HOBBY. OUR HOBB Y CM MY CY CMY K YOUR WAY. ermission to use the Azuma and LNER Trade Marks is granted by the Secretary of Sta ©2024 Dovetail Games. Produced under license from SCMG Enterprises Ltd. Flying Scotsman trademarks® and designs ©SCMGE. P te for Transport. Developed and published by Dovetail Games.


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12 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! PARKS 1 .co.uk Raring2go! PARKS Panshanger Park Thieves Lane, Hertford SG14 2WN Ware Park Ware Park Road, Hertford SG12 0EA Pishiobury Country Park Harlow Road, Sawbridgeworth CM21 9HP Town Park Sworders Field 3 Heron Ct, Bishops Stortford CM23 2AY Wodson Park, Ware, SG12 0UQ Hartham Common Park Hertford, SG13 7AH Bat Willow Hurst Country Park, Hazelend Road, Bishops Stortford CM23 1HA Castle Park Bishops Stortford CM23 2EL Hertford Heath Park, Hertford Heath, Hertford SG13 7QS Southern Country Park, Thorley Lane East, Bishops Storford CM23 4BH Bishops Stortford, Hertford and Ware Parks

14 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! HEALTH Allergies can cast a dark shadow on the carefree days of childhood, but with proper care, parents can help their little ones thrive despite them. Understanding and addressing allergies is important to ensure the well-being of children. Here's a quick guide on managing allergies in the growing years. 1. Identification is Key: The first step in managing allergies is identifying the triggers. Pay close attention to symptoms such as sneezing, itching, rashes, or digestive issues. Consult with a healthcare professional for allergy testing to pinpoint specific allergens, be they food, pollen, pet dander or insect bites. 2. Allergen-Free Zones at Home: Create safe spaces at home to minimise exposure to known allergens. Keep bedrooms free of dust mites, invest in hypoallergenic bedding and use air purifiers to reduce airborne allergens. Create pet-free zones if necessary and ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold growth. 3. Nutritional Awareness: For children with food allergies, maintaining a well-balanced diet can be a challenge but it is essential. Work with experts to develop a meal plan that avoids allergens while ensuring proper nutrition. Always read food labels and keep teachers and school staff aware about dietary restrictions. Communication is a key element is mainatining awareness. 4. Allergy-Ready Schools and Nursery: Collaborate with school and nursery to create a safe environment. Provide allergy action plans, medication, and clear instructions for staff. Ensure that teachers are trained to recognise allergic reactions and respond promptly. Open communication between parents and educators is crucial for the child's well-being. 5. Empowering the Child: As children grow, it's important to empower them to manage their allergies independently. Teach them about their specific allergies, how to read labels, and what steps to take if they encounter potential triggers. Encourage open communication about symptoms and feelings, fostering a sense of responsibility for their own health. 6. Regular Check-Ups: Maintain regular check-ups with your GP in order to to monitor the child's allergies and adjust management strategies as needed. Keep an updated list of medications, emergency contacts and allergy action plans readily available for all school staff and anyone else responsible for the child's well-being. Managing allergies in children will require a collaborative effort between parents, NHS staff and educators. But by staying vigilant, creating allergen-free spaces, and empowering children with the knowledge to navigate their allergies, parents can provide a supportive environment for their little ones to grow, learn and play without the constant threat of allergic reactions. A Breath of Relief: Managing Allergies in Growing Years

15 In the whirlwind of childhood, where TikTok reigns supreme and elsewhere attention spans resemble hyperactive squirrels, the world of sports emerges as a superhero cape for kids grappling with ADHD. It's not just about scoring goals; it's about scoring big wins for focus, confidence and self-discipline. Imagine sports as the ultimate ADHD symphony, conducting a harmonious blend of physical activity that transforms restlessness into raw energy. Football, rugby, basketball, or even a round of energetic tag – these are not mere games; they're strategic missions where kids harness their inner superheroes, battling the formidable villain known as distraction. The first superhero power that sport gives ADHD champions is the ability to channel their boundless energy into a purposeful pursuit. It's like turning the volume down on the constant ADHD soundtrack and cranking up the rowsing motivational anthem of sporting excellence. Suddenly, the football pitch becomes a stage, and every goal scored is a standing ovation for focus and determination. Team sports particularly, unfold as the ultimate ADHD support group. Picture a basketball team as a league of extraordinary individuals, each with their unique strengths and challenges. The court becomes a canvas where ADHD quirks transform into strategic movement. Passing the ball becomes a lesson in co-operation and scoring a point is not just about the points on the board but a triumphant victory over distractions. Beyond the physical prowess, sports offer a sanctuary for developing social skills. Call it a playground where friendships sprout like wild flowers. ADHD children often grapple with the social nuances of the playground, but on the sports field, they discover a language that truly transcends words. High-fives, fist bumps, and celebratory ‘goal’ dances become the universal dialect of camaraderie. Self-esteem gets boosted as children witness the tangible fruits of their efforts. The sense of accomplishment that accompanies mastering a new skill or scoring a point is one of the most powerful antidotes to the self-doubt that can plague ADHD minds. It's not just about winning the game; it's about winning the internal battle against the notion that ADHD is a limitation rather than a unique superpower. In the arena of life, sports emerge as the secret weapon for ADHD champions. From teamwork on the pitch to the boost in self-esteem, the benefits of sports for children with ADHD are nothing short of a gold-medal performance. So, let the games begin, because when it comes to ADHD and sports, it's not just about playing the game – it's about playing to win in the game of life. The Game Is On: How Sport Scores Big Wins for ADHD Champions

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Nurturing Responsible Riders: Bike Riding Safety on Roads for Children Under 12 Bicycle safety for children under the age of 12 is vital, especially concerning ‘bike riding safety on roads’. Ensuring the well-being of young cyclists goes far beyond riding for fun. It is about instilling in them lifelong habits and preventing accidents. Helmet Habits: Emphasise the importance of wearing helmets. Ensure they fit snugly and are worn every time they venture out on their bike. Road Awareness: Teach children to be road-conscious. Look left, right and left again before moving. Being aware of their surrounding will help them stay safe. Visibility Matters: Make sure bicycles have reflectors and bright colours. Being visible to drivers reduces the risk of accidents, especially during low-light conditions. Hand Signals: Educate children on basic signals for turning and stopping. Being clear in their communication will enhances overall road safety for cyclists. Supervised Routes: Encourage riding in supervised areas to begin with before introducing them to low-traffic areas. This will help build confidence in riding in different environments. Obey Traffic Rules: Teach children to stop at lights, follow traffic signs and give way when necessary. Instilling these basic habits ensures responsible road behaviour. Two-Wheel Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain bicycles. Ensure brakes, tyres, and chains are in good condition for a safe and smooth ride. Avoid Distractions: Discourage the use of gadgets while they ride. Distractions can compromise concentration and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents. Buddy System: Encourage riding with a friend or in groups. The buddy system is easy and enhances overall safety on the roads. Emergency Preparedness: Teach basic emergency procedures such as what to do if they fall or encounter a potential hazard. Being prepared is key when facing unexpected situations. When we prioritise ‘bike riding safety’ on the roads for our children under 12 we are laying the foundations for responsible, confident cyclists. By instilling the basic safety measures from an early age, parents ensure that their young riders can enjoy all of the the benefits of cycling while navigating roads and traffic responsibly and safely. Raring2go! FEATURE 18 raring2go.co.uk

Find and compare local independent mechanics on Bicycle servicing made easy! Are you thinking of getting your bicycle serviced? www.bikebook.co.uk SHARE FOLLOW+

Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read!Raring2Read! British Science Week 5th - 14th March Feather CAN THE TWITCHERS SOLVE A ROBBERY? By M.G. Leonard Raring2Read! BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FAMILIES Brilliant age-appropriate books reviewed by a growing army of amazing junior reviewers. In association with LoveReading4Kids www.raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! would like to thank LoveReading4Kids, for this wonderful review. LoveReading4Kids, the UK’s leading children’s book recommendation website, is now a bookstore with social purpose, where 25% of the cover price can be donated to a school to buy books. Because books change lives. Buy a Book. Support a School. Make a Difference. Click anywhere on this page to buy this book or visit: www.lovereading4kids.co.uk I loved reading this book - the new one from MG Leonard and final in the Twitches series did not disappoint. It's my favourite book in this bird themed quartet, each book focusing on a different character and set in a different season, with a different bird themed mystery to solve. Ava can't wait for the school holidays. Just one last day and then she can return to Briddvale and see her friends. As the term comes to an end, Ava and her class head off on a school trip to the Royal Swan Natural History Museum. Whilst there, Ava realises that hundreds of special Bird of Paradise skins have been stolen from the museum's collection. When she finds a black feather, she's sure it must be a clue to the mystery, but the police won't listen to Ava's theory. So along with the rest of the Twitchers, her fellow bird loving friends, Ava decides to try and solve the mystery herself. Along the way to solving the crime she encounters, amongst other things, a group of fly fishers and a girl with a pet raven called Caliban...but can she solve the crime and bring the skins back to the museum, where they belong. Review by Sophie, aged 9 from Cheltenham Raring2go! READING 20 raring2go.co.uk

21 Raring2go! READING Graphic Novels are know develop the skills they ne comprehend more challen on. From hilarious capers t Raring2go! READING *UDSKLF wn to help children eed to read and lenging books later s to nail-biting who has been captur learn from his mistakes as he r his new knowledge, over the win. 1RYHOV a diff the p who has been captured by King Viking. He has to om his mistakes as he restarts a level, apply his new knowledge, overcome his fears and go for ferent route to discove re of r e pleasure of reading iking. He has to estarts a level, apply come his fears and go for er p thrillers and superhero a touching tales, there is s everyone. Graphic Novels for a PABLO AND SPLASH Sheena Dempsey Pablo and Splash are two penguins who live in Antarctica. When they tumble into a scientist’s lab and s lab and accidentally zoom off in her T f in her T Bender machine, they end up in e two penguins g dventures to omething here for r ages 5 – 7 ctica. When they f in her Time Graph FAMOUS FIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL: FIVE ON A TREASURE ISLAND : BOOK 1 Enid Bly ̽à Տˆ>˜ to Kirrin to meet their cousin Geor - never call her Geor dog Timmy they discover the location of some ancient family tr a hidden map. They must work ge s f hic Novels for ages 8 -11 AMOUS FIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL: FIVE yton ˜] ˆVŽ>˜`Ƃ˜˜i½ÃwÀÃÌÛˆÃˆÌ - never call her Georgina! - and her immy. Exploring together, ancient family treasure marked on the Cretaceous period! How will Pablo and Splash get back to their lovely icy home? AGENT MOOSE Mo O’Hara & Jess Bradle Meet Anonymoose - the best (worst) secret agent in the Big Forest. Along with Owlfred, his slightly more intelligent sidekick, this giant master of disguise has dedicated himself to solving all etaceous period! How will ey et agent in the Big ed, his e intelligent sidekick, µÕˆVŽÞ ̜ EL DEAFO Cece Be El Deafo is funny and deeply honest. It chronicles the author’ at a young age and her subsequent experiences with a powerful and very awkwar Phonic Ear hear-sometimes things she shouldn’ but also isolates her fr œw˜`ˆÌ>ÃœÌ iÀÃ>ÀiÃi>ÀV ˆ˜}̜œ° ell onicles the author’s hearing loss s hearing loss very awkward hearing aid called the Phonic Ear. It gives her the ability to -sometimes things she shouldn’tbut also isolates her from her classmates. oodland HQ’ of Woodland HQ’s mysteries! s mysteries! Can Anonymoose and Owlfr w˜`/iÀÀ>ViÌ i ˆÃȘ}/ÕÀÌ Camo steals the title of the Best Secr Woods! PRESS START! GAME ON, SUPER RABBIT BOY! Thomas Flintham Press Start! is a series of books aimed at readers who are ready ed iLivœÀi Camo steals the title of the Best Secret Agent in the T! GAME ON, SUPER ess Start! is a series of books eady HILDA AND THE STONE Luke Pe Hilda’s mum has gr s mum has gr up with Hilda making up stories. But when she persuades her brother to help her slip thr “>}ˆV «œ up on the hill, Mum accidentally gets sucked thr and Hilda end up somewher FOREST earson s mum has grounded her, fed other to help her slip through a œÀÌ>ÌœÃiiÌ iÌÀœwÀià gets sucked through too. Mum and Hilda end up somewhere they didn’t expect. t expect. vœÀÌ iˆÀwÀÃÌV >«ÌiÀLœœŽÃœ those who feel overwhelmed by longer chapter books. ‘Game On, Super Rabbit Boy’ is set in the game of Super Rabbit Boy Land. Super Rabbit Boy has to save Singing Dog 2 œÀ Kenilw Talisma Kenilw worth Books, an Square, worth CV8 1JB raring2go.co.uk

22 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! GARDENING Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Raring2grow! Blooms & Laughter in the Summer time Watering Relay Races: Turn watering into a game by organising relay races. Children love the competition, and your plants will appreciate the consistent hydration. Colourful Container Planting: Engage children in planting colourful flowers or herbs.This adds a splash of colour to the garden while teaching some essential gardening basics. Weeding Wonders: Transform weeding into a fun scavenger hunt by challenging children to find and remove weeds. They’ll begin to get the importance of regular garden maintenance this way. Butterfly and Bee Spotting: Encourage children to observe and identify butterflies and bees. Planting pollinatorfriendly flowers enhances the garden's educational value. Creative Garden Markers: Craft artistic garden markers with your little ones using things like lolly pop sticks and paint. This adds a personal and bright touch to your garden. Harvesting Happiness: Involve children in harvesting ripe fruits and vegetables. This not only teaches them about food but can also encourage healthy eating habits. Summer Scarecrow Challenge: Create a mini scarecrow as a fun summer project. It adds character to the garden while keeping ‘pesky’ birds at bay. DIY Bird Feeders: Build a bird feeder and place it in your garden. Then watch the birds arrive and feed. It’ll add a new dimesion to your garden's charm and fascination. Garden Diary Continued: Encourage children to continue their garden diary during the summer. This practice develops observational skills and a love for documenting growth. Starry Nights in the Garden: Arrange a stargazing night in the garden. This not only offers a magical experience but also teaches children about the incredible night sky. Summer maintenance in the garden can be less of a chore and more a fun family affair. By combining education with hands-on fun, you're not only cultivating a thriving garden but also helping to build a lifelong appreciation for the wonders of nature in your little ones. Let laughter and blossoms fill your summer days in the garden! Raring2grow! Outdoor fun for budding green-fingers Summer heralds the arrival of a vibrant and colourful garden. Involving children at this time can be educational and entertaining (some even say fun!) So dig in with this simple guide to maintenance jobs and ensure a flourishing and joyous garden for the whole summer.

ABOUT TREES DIFFERENT TIMES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. DIFFERENT P 5 FACTS owth happens in the spring, SOME TREES HA Indonesia have the highest totals for na Y ONE COUNTR the foliage gr most of ypically TTypically, followed by trunk gr Autumn and winter MORE THAN HALF OF ALL TREE SPECIES EXIST IN ONL e 60,000 tr T and the US F en to the moon during the om seeds tak own fr own from seeds tak VE BEEN TO THE MOON ee species. tive tr ee species in the world. owth in the summer and r owth in the summer and root gr oot gr oot growth in owth in Y. ee species in the world. Brazil, Colombia, own from seeds taken to the moon during the SOME TREES HAVE BEEN TO THE MOON om seeds tak est Service orest Service and olombia, e 4,000-5,000 ye ar Some of tr alifornia in the USA C TH, AND NEVER DIE OF OLD AGE. ently back on e wanted to see if ees'' wer “Moon tr Apollo 14 mission in e dif ently back on e services in 1975 and 1976. TREES ARE THE LONGEST LIVING ORGANISMS ON EARTH, AND NEVER DIE OF OLD AGE. alifornia in the USA trees. e 4,000-5,000 ye ees. C ON EAR is one of ine, -old ancient Bristlecone P Methuselah, s bristlecone pines and giant sequoias ’ aliforniaC s bristlecone pines and giant sequoias e dona ees wer hese tr T th. ar the moon’s orbit caused the seeds to gr own fr e gr NASA arly 1971. ted to sta California d for the oldest living holds the r an estima e 4,000-5,000 years old. the oldest living is one of estry te for ow ted southern side since it r Moss will gr IF YOU GET LOST IN THE WOODS tr -old ancient Bristlecone P ar are 4,000-5,000 ye 4,852-ye ees in the world. TREES CAN HELP YOU FIND YOUR W ther the right dir you can see the rings of e light. eceives mor ow slightly thick ee gr the tr you’rIf. s rings can help point you in ee’ a tr , Also e shade. e is mor ow on the nor Also ee’s rings can help point you in thern side of the right direction too e in the nor er on the ow slightly thick thern hemispher e wher ee trunk, Y TREES CAN HELP YOU FIND YOUR WA the tree trunk, e, e in the northern hemispher the tr A

24 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! RECIPE Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make!Raring2make! Summertime Naan Bread Pizza This is how you do it! 1.MIX Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a big bowl. Using your fingertips, rub in the butter until only fine ‘crumbs’ are left. Mix in the water with a knife. 2. KNEAD Tip onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10 minutes (or use the dough hook attachment on your mixer) 3. RISE Lightly grease a mixing bowl with some oil and place the dough in the bowl. Cover with a clean tea towel and leave to rise until it has doubled in size – this should take about 1 hour depending on how warm your kitchen is. 4. SHAPE Heat the grill to medium with a large baking sheet on the top shelf. Knead 2 tsp of the Nigella seeds into the dough and then divide into 6 even pieces (use a weighing scale if you like) and roll into balls. Roll each ball into a thin tear drop shape on a flour dusted surface. Scatter over the remaining seeds and gently roll again to stick them.5. BAKE In batches, carefully lift the naans onto the preheated baking sheet. Grill for 2-3 minutes, turning over halfway until lightly browned, then remove from the oven and top with your topping of choice. This makes 6 portions, 1hr 15 mins preparation and 3 minutes cooking time. You will also need a Mixing Bowl, Tea Towel and a Grill! Ingredients 500g Allinson Very Strong White Bread Flour 1½tsp Billington’s Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar 1 tbsp Butter 7g Allinson Easy Bake Yeast 1½tspSalt 300ml Warm Water 4 tsp Nigella Seeds 2 tbsp Melted Butter Naan pizza bread is the rebel of the pizza world and will transform the ordinary into an extraordinary culinary escapade. Picture this: a soft canvas of pillowy naan, adorned with a selection of vibrant toppings. It is a whimsical journey where East meets West in a cheesy, saucy dance. The naan, with its soft yet slightly crispy personality, takes centre stage for a flavour-packed spectacle. From exotic curry infused sauces to a melody of vegetables and the crescendo of melted cheese, each bite is a passport to a world where tradition and brand new collide. Naan pizza bread: breaking the crust and creating a slice of pure joy! Raring2make! Recipes to make as a family for the family


26 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! HOW TO SEW In the grand scheme of things, there's one life skill that stands out like a dazzling sequin on a little black dress – sewing! And why, you may ask, is this skill so important? Well, gather round my fellow fabric enthusiasts, as we unravel and unveil the delightful reasons why learning to sew from a young age is as vital as knowing the lyrics to your favourite song. First off, let's talk about practicality. Picture this: you're halfway through your morning cereal, ready to conquer the day ahead when all of a sudden disaster strikes. A button which had previously been hanging on by a literal thread decides it's time to fall off your shirt! But fear not, because armed with basic trusty sewing skills, you can whip out your needle and stitch that button back on faster than you can say ’my button has fallen off’. But it's not just about saving the day – oh no! Learning to sew opens up a world of creative possibilities. Want a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume that'll have everyone green with envy? Sew it! Need to add a personal touch to a gift that says, ‘I care enough to have spent hours meticulously crafting this masterpiece’. Sew it! The only limit is your imagination (and maybe your supply of needles and thread). So let’s start by learning how to sew on a button. Sew what? Learning to sew... Dive into the therapeutic world of sewing and discover how this timeless craft brings creativity, satisfaction and a sense of calm to both beginners and seasoned stitchers alike. You’re never too young to learn how to sew on a button! Step 1: Double thread the needle and tie a know at the end of the thread Step 3: Go through the second hole (on right) and then stitch through cloth Step 4: Next go to the upper left hole and then to upper righ hole, going through the cloth at each step. Keep your stitches loose Step 5: When done, wind the thread around the base six times Step 6: Finish off by stitching through the stem three times and cut threads off close to the stem Step 2: Insert the needle through the button and bring down to the fabric We’re going to show you how to sew on a button. Are you ready?

From ideas for fun family time together to some great awareness days. CLICK HERE to find a selection of ideas that are happening all in your area and across the country this summer. www.raring2go.co.uk/whats-on

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31 Raring2go! WHAT’S ON FAMILY FESTIVALS 2 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!WHAT’S ON FAMILY FESTIVALS Family Festivals across the country this Summer CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL, WHIDDON DOWN, DEVON. 21-22 July 2024 Just the ticket for first-time festival-goers and the budget-conscious, tent camping is free as is admission for children under the age of 12. Chagstock also offers concessions for families with children over 12. Not to mention the free, glorious views over the northern edge of Dartmoor. Child-friendly events and entertainment such as face painting and hat making. DEER SHED FESTIVAL, TOPCLIFFE, NORTH YORKSHIRE. 26 to 29 July 2024 Science is cool.That’s why, along with plenty of live music and comedy, Deer Shed Festival has heaps of kid-friendly activities and events, dedicated to everything from robots to forensics. Once you’ve had your fill of science experiments, head to the music stages to dance along to The Coral, Bombay Bicycle Club and CMAT. CAMP BESTIVAL, LULWORTH CASTLE, DORSET. 25 to 28 July 2024A family favourite set in the historical surroundings of Lulworth Castle where kids are king, fun and games is the staple theme and the Jurassic Coast is just on your doorstep. Elsewhere in the West Midlands, there is more fun to be had as Camp Bestival bring the party (plus Fatboy Slim) to Weston Park. JUST SO FESTIVAL, RODE HEATH, CHESHIRE. 16-19 August 2024 Just So puts on an enchanting show for babies and grown-ups alike, with feeding, changing and bath tents for babes, a secret, enchanted fairy city for curious young explorers, arty events for creative kids and yoga and massages for parents in need of TLC… STANDON CALLING FESTIVAL, STANDON, HERTFORDSHIRE. 25 to 28 July 2024. One for the cool kids, Standon Calling has a whole area dedicated to entertaining the younger set during the daytime, right at the heart of the festival. As an added bonus, the festival offers on-site baby sitting in the evenings. SHAMBALA FESTIVAL, MARKET HARBOROUGH. 22 to 25 August 2024Puppet cabaret, storytelling, thoughtprovoking workshops and plenty of live music are just a few of the things you’ll experience with the kids at this chilled-out eco-festival.With crazy bikes, trampolines, hula hooping, break dancing and bubbles of the Playtopia Kids’ Field. THE BIG FEASTIVAL, KINGHAM, OXFORDSHIRE JUSTINE TRICKETT. 23 to 25 August 2024A-list chefs rub shoulders with famous musicians at this tummytempting family-friendly ‘feastival’. It’s curated by the Jamie Oliver Foundation and takes place on the farm of Blur bassist, Alex James. GONE WILD FESTIVAL HOLKHAM HALL, NORFOLK. 8 to 11 August 2024 Rediscover your sense of adventure with this family festival celebrating the great outdoors. Get a workout in with Mr Motivator, learn survival skills like shelter building and fire lighting, get out onto the water on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and dance the afternoon away with your little rascals at the silent disco. And make sure to carve out some time to see live performances from Sam Ryder, Example Mc Fly and much more.The number one adventurer himself, Bear Grylls, alongside leading explorers like Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Laura Bingham. DEVA FEST, MALPAS, CHESHIRE. 8 to 11 August 2024A music festival that’s also a circus and fairground, complete with a big top for the headline acts. A three-day music bash takes place at Cholmondley (pronounced “Chumley”) Castle for 2024, includes British soul singer Rebecca Ferguson, Ocean Colour Scene and The Human League. And what’s more, the kids won’t be asking you for money for the fairground rides every 10 minutes, as the rides are all free to use (height restrictions apply)! A host of family activities from Kids Kingdom, on-site watersports, circus shows and parades at no extra cost. We hope you have lots of festival fun this Summer!