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9 SUPER HERO SOCK CAPES! Have you grown out of your old socks? Or perhaps your Mum and Dad have some with holes in them? Don't throw them away, you can turn them into a superhero cape for your teddies and dolls! Supplies Old socks (preferably knee-high) Scissors Sharpies/fabric pens/felt tips Gems (optional) Step 1 Lay your sock out flat on a table. Cut off the foot of your sock and set aside. (just above the heal) Step 2 Cut up the middle of your sock up to the elastic strip (where the sock would be at your ankle normally). Step 3 Colour in your cape with any pattern or superhero initials. Add sticky gemstones onto your cape if desired. Step 4 Pop your sock cape onto your teddy and enjoy! Extra fun Cut up the foot of your sock into strips to create a mask, headband or armbands. Want to make more outfits for your dolls and bears? Check out Lexy's Craft Along With Me videos series on Face- book or www.madebymeparties.co.uk. Lexy runs fun, beautiful and personalised craft parties in Dorset and the South Coast. She's also put together DIY party, craft and teddy bear making kits so you can enjoy parties and crafts in your own home. Find out more at www.madebymeparties.co.uk o r email lexy@madebymeparties.co.uk. Find me on Facebook - @madebymecraftparties