Raring2go! Exeter

1. Finger Sandwiches Making finger sandwiches filled with your little ones’ favourite fillings is a guaranteed winner. Ham, cheese, eggs, cucumber or the traditional jam, they’ll be eaten and enjoyed by all! 2. Sausage rolls Meat or vegan, they are a family favourite for the traditional picnic, making your own is fun, however supermarket own is just a tasty. 3. Cucumber and carrot sticks The healthy snacks are great finger food with no mess, with or without a dip! 4. Pizza fingers Making your own pizza fingers is great value as you can personalise them with your own fridge ingredients and know that they will be a firm winner with the family. Need a recipe, click here for a fab flatbread one. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/flatbread-pizzas/ 5. Hard boiled eggs A picnic isn’t a picnic without the hard-boiled egg, one for all those egg lovers out there! National Picnic Month The month of July celebrates National Picnic month, so we’ve gathered a few ideas for you to make and take along for your family Picnic… 6. Cherry tomatoes A cute bitesize Cherry tomato is a 5 a day winner every time! 7. Chicken/ Veggie nuggets Buying from your local supermarket or making your own, veggie or meat lovers, they are finger food heaven. Need a recipe, here’s one you might enjoy…https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/bakedchicken-strips/ 8. Fruit- Apple, banana, plums, peaches Handheld fruit in a picnic is a must, one of our 5 a day with no mess! 9. Healthy Flapjacks These are full of energy and goodness in a bar and a family favourite, to try our recipe, click here. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/healthy-flapjack/ 10. Fruit parcels Making a picnic pudding is a challenge, as you want it to be perfect for eating with your fingers, here’s one to try… You can find the recipe here. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/fruit-parcels/ Raring2go!