Raring2go! Hemel Hempstead

THE Summer 1. What colour is a Sunfl ower? 2. Where do birds live? 3. What is the capital of England? 4. What do bees make? 5. What language do people who live in Spain speak? S k? p p 6. What is the worlds fastest bird? 7. What planet is closest to the Sun? 8. me the colours of the Union Jack 9. w many dots appear on a dice? 10. How many colours are there in the rainbow? QUICK QUIZ Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! k Nam How H ANSWERS: 1. Yellow, 2. Nest, 3. London, 4. Honey, 5. Spanish, 6. Peregrine Falcon, 7. Mercury, 8. Red, White and Blue, 9. 21, 10. 7. ma y