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5 Raring2go! CRAFT ACTIVITY www.raring2go.co.uk/kingstonandmerton 11 Raring2go! GET CREATIVE Step 1: With the strip of paper you are going to use for the rim, stick double sided tape along the strip. You can also use glue if that is what you have to hand. Take the four strips of paper that will form the basket and stick them down next to each other using the edge of the rim as a guide. If you are working with double sided patterned paper, you’ll work with it facing down, so the pattern you’ll want to have on the outside of the basket will be facing down. Step 2: Next, take the end of the first strip and curve it around to stick next to the last strip of paper. Repeat with all the strips and you will start to see the basket forming. Then do the same with strip 2 and continue doing so with strip 3 and 4 and you will see the basket forming. Glue rim together. Step 3: Adhere the handle to the inside of the basket. ...and fill to your liking! This article has been written by Petra Sameri, a local mum of two. Petra is an ‘Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator’. All the items used for the Easter basket are available on her website www. petrascraftinkplace.blogspot. co.uk. Do have a look for all sorts of great craft ideas that you can try at home. Easter Basket This is a quick and fun little basket that is very easy to make. All you need is six strips of paper or card as follows: 4 strips: 22cm x 3cm (basket) 1 strip: 26cm x 3cm (rim) 1 strip: 26cm x 2.5cm (handle) To make a mini basket, you will need to use the following measurements: 4 strips: 15cm x 2cm (basket) 1 strip: 18cm x 2cm (rim) 1 strip: 18cm x 2cm (handle) 1 2 2