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THE Autumn 1. During which months does autumn typically start and end in the northern hemisphere? 2. Wh t i th fthf ti l What is the name of the festival celebrated in the United Kingdom hUidKi d during autumn to give thanks for a good harvest? 3. Which round, orange vegetable can be carved with a spooky face Halloween? 4. Which fruit is often associated with autumn and is commonly used for making pies and desserts? l df kii dd t? 5. What tree do conkers fall from? 6. Which animal starts to bury acorns in Autumn for retrieving later in Winter? 7. which sticky treat is made with apples? 8. What date is Bonfi re Night? 9. Name 4 colours associated with Autumn? 10. What date does Halloween fa QUICK QUIZ Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! h Aut all on? ANSWERS: 1. Autumn starts in September and ends in November. 2. Harvest festival. 3. Pumpkin. 4. Apple. 5. Horse Chestnut Tree. 6. Squirrel. 7. Toffee apples. 8. 5th November. 9.Yellow, orange, red and Brown. 10. 31st October.