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4 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! 1st-31st National Picnic Month In need of inspiration, click here for Raring2go! picnic ideas and celebrate National Picnic Month. 1-31st – Plastic Free July – Be a part of the solution, join in with Plastic Free July, click here to find out more. https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/ 10th Don’t step on a Bee day ‘Bee’ sure to learn all about it and spread the message, Bees are precious to our ecosystem, help protect them for the future. Learn more, Click here. https://beegood.co.uk/blog/dont -step-on-a-bee-day/ 15-30st Festival of British Archaeology 2023 – Get the family involved this July and uncover a world of imagination! https://www.archaeologyuk.org/ festival.html 28 July-4th Love Parks Week Whether it’s walking the dog, picnicking with friends, or pushing our little ones on a playground swing, our parks give our communities, our children, and our pets a vital space to play, grow, and bond. https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/ get-involved/support-ourcampaigns/love-parks-week 3rd PLAY DAY 2023 Playday is the national day for play, traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August. It is the biggest play sector event in the UK, and possibly Europe. https://www.playday.org.uk/abo ut-playday/ 4th Cycle to work day Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycling commuting event. This year on August 4th we’ll be encouraging workers all around the country to get on their bikes and get into work the best way possible – on two wheels! https://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/ cycletoworkday/whatiscycletowor kday/what-is-cycle-to-work-day 7th-13th Afternoon Tea Week Afternoon Tea Week celebrates the great British tradition of Afternoon Tea and is the perfect excuse to catch up with loved ones over a cup of tea and some expertly created treats. https://www.afternoontea.co.uk/f eatures/afternoon-tea-week/ 26th National Dog Day celebrating all dogs, mixed breed and pure. Our pets are a key member of the family, so learn more about what National Dog day is all about here. https://www.nationaldogday.co m/about1 30th National Cheesecake Day What’s not to enjoy on this day. Celebrate in style with our Baked Cheesecake, within an hour you’ll be licking your lips! https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/ baked-cheesecake/ JULY AUGUST

From ideas for fun family time together to some great awareness days. CLICK HERE to find a selection of ideas that are happening all in your area and across the country this summer. www.raring2go.co.uk/whats-on

THAN JUST A SUMMER CAMP MORE Adventures available for 10–22-year-olds outwardbound.org.uk/summer Choose from a range of shorter 5 day adventures to full blown 19 day expeditions in the wildest corners of the UK. FUNDING AVAILABLE

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Bug Hunt There’s lots of bugs all around us, so why not do your very own bug hunt. Create your own crib sheet, listing 5 or 6 bugs you’d like to find in your back garden… Garden Olympics - 5 make your own ideas Balance Beam- a long piece of wood on the grass. Bean Bag throw Relay Race Hurdle Race Gymnastics Garden Sleep out We all love sleeping in a tent right? When the weather’s good, set up the camp and have lots of fun! Bird Spotting Robins, Sparrows, Black Birds and so many more visit our gardens on a daily basis, so download the RSPB ‘Go Birdwatching’ activity sheet and see how many different birds are visiting you every day! Click here. Build a Bug hotel Bricks, wooden pallets, leaves, twigs, all you can find in the garden to make a fabulous Bug Hotel. Click here to learn more. 1 3 2 4 5 10 fun Summer fam

Garden Miniature Golf course For those Tiger Woods wannabes, make the most of Summer and create your own golf course in your back garden. All you need is golf clubs and balls, plastic cups, obstacles i.e bricks, plastic bottles, drainpipe, anything that you can make a ramp with… Learn to…roller-skate, ice-skate, ride a bike, play cricket/rounders/netball/basketball A great time to learn something new from skating to ball games, take your time, the pressures off, just enjoy learning a new skill. Make a picnic on a budget When the weather is fine and warm, we all love to get out and about, so making a picnic to take a long is a fun cheap thing to do. Click here for ideas. Write a story For the wet or cooler days, get the kids story writing, letting imaginations go wild and enjoy their own creative juices flow. Garden boardgames Twister, scrabble, Draughts, Dominos, snakes and Ladders, there’s so much fun to be had making these for the garden. 7 6 8 9 10 mily activities to try!

1. Finger Sandwiches Making finger sandwiches filled with your little ones’ favourite fillings is a guaranteed winner. Ham, cheese, eggs, cucumber or the traditional jam, they’ll be eaten and enjoyed by all! 2. Sausage rolls Meat or vegan, they are a family favourite for the traditional picnic, making your own is fun, however supermarket own is just a tasty. 3. Cucumber and carrot sticks The healthy snacks are great finger food with no mess, with or without a dip! 4. Pizza fingers Making your own pizza fingers is great value as you can personalise them with your own fridge ingredients and know that they will be a firm winner with the family. Need a recipe, click here for a fab flatbread one. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/flatbread-pizzas/ 5. Hard boiled eggs A picnic isn’t a picnic without the hard-boiled egg, one for all those egg lovers out there! National Picnic Month The month of July celebrates National Picnic month, so we’ve gathered a few ideas for you to make and take along for your family Picnic… 6. Cherry tomatoes A cute bitesize Cherry tomato is a 5 a day winner every time! 7. Chicken/ Veggie nuggets Buying from your local supermarket or making your own, veggie or meat lovers, they are finger food heaven. Need a recipe, here’s one you might enjoy…https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/bakedchicken-strips/ 8. Fruit- Apple, banana, plums, peaches Handheld fruit in a picnic is a must, one of our 5 a day with no mess! 9. Healthy Flapjacks These are full of energy and goodness in a bar and a family favourite, to try our recipe, click here. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/healthy-flapjack/ 10. Fruit parcels Making a picnic pudding is a challenge, as you want it to be perfect for eating with your fingers, here’s one to try… You can find the recipe here. https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/fruit-parcels/ Raring2go!

Raring2go! Love Parks Week 2023 Love Parks Week 2023, run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, will take place from 28 July – 4 August. Our green spaces play a significant role in the health and wellbeing of our communities, providing a space for people to socialise and engage in sport and exercise. The annual campaign, made possible thanks to players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, aims to celebrate parks and green spaces and to provide a platform for local authorities to shout about the parks and green spaces in their area. Keep Britain Tidy is a leading environmental charity that cares for the environment on your doorstep. We work to eliminate littering, reduce waste and improve public space. It runs programmes including Eco-Schools, the Green Flag Award for parks and green spaces and the Blue Flag/Seaside Awards for beaches. To find out more about Keep Britain Tidy, its programmes and campaigns visit www.keepbritaintidy.org.

north to south Alpam are UK-Burniston Rd,Scarborough YO126PH. Fun kayaking.

14 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! The world awaits the Women's World Cup in Australia & New Zealand this summer, and with good reason too. This tournament above all others acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable growth of women's football in recent years. In total, 32 nations will field teams to compete in this global sporting event. The World Cup is a platform that honours female athletes, amplifying the call for gender equality in all sport. Women’s football continues to break barriers whilst captivating audiences with its skill, passion, and inspiring narratives. Empowering Female Athletes: The Women's World Cup stands as a shining example of the sheer power of inclusivity and empowerment. It showcases the extraordinary sporting talent and resilience of female athletes, and serves as a catalyst for change. It is encouraging the world to challenge traditional gender norms and support women in all aspects of the beautiful game. By celebrating women's football, we celebrate the strength, determination, and dedication of these remarkable athletes. In turn, they inspire and set precedents for future generations. Inspiring the Next Generation: The Women's World Cup has the potential to inspire and ignite the dreams of young girls across the globe. By providing a platform for visibility and recognition, it paves the way for aspiring female footballers and encourages them to pursue their passion. In so doing they will break through any barriers they may face. The Rise of Women's Football The Women's World Cup 20th July - 20th Aug 2023.

15 Raring2go! The success stories of these athletes inspires young girls to believe in their own abilities, focussing a new generation of talented players and fans. Promoting Gender Equality: Women's football has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. There’s a lot of work left to do to achieve anything close to true gender equality in the game. The Women's World Cup acts as a crucial vehicle for change where stereotypes will be challenged. It will highlight the need for equal opportunities in all areas of football. By amplifying the voices and achievements of female players, it urges governing bodies, sponsors, and fans to invest in and support women's football at all levels. As we eagerly await the 2023 Women's World Cup, it is vital to recognise the significance of this global event. Beyond the excitement and spectacle, it represents an opportunity to champion women's football and advocate for gender equality in sports. Let us come together to celebrate the extraordinary talent of female athletes. May it inspire the next generation, and drive the momentum towards a more inclusive and equitable future for women's football worldwide.

Make a Sunndial ˥˘˔˗˘˥˦ ˇ˛˜˦˕˘˔ ˖˛˜˟˗˥˘ˡ ˛ iChild ˦Ї ˔˨˧˜˙˨˟ ˆ˨ˡ˗˜˔˟ ˧˘ˠˣ˟˔˧˘ ˜˦ ˙˥ ˡ ˧ˢ˘ˡ˝ˢˬЇ ˛˔˦ ˢ˩˘˥ Іʣʣʣ ˖˥˔˙˧˦ ˔ˡ˗ ˥˘˦ ls ˥˘˘ ˧ˢ ˅˔˥˜ˡ˚ʥʺˢЅ ˦ˢ˨˥˖˘˦ ˙ˢ˥ ˬˢ˨˥ ʴˡ˗ϝˢ ˦˘˟˙ʠ˘˦˧ ˖˛˜˟˗˥˘ˡ ˅˘˦ˢ˨˥˖ ˟˘˔˥ˡ˛ˢ ˦˖˜˘ˡ˖˘ ʼ˧А˦ ˙˨ˡІ ˥ ˙ ˖ˢ˨˥˦˘ ʠ ˧˛˘ˬА˥˘ ˙˨ˡ ʛ˙ˢ˥ ˖˛ ˘˘ˠ ˧˛˥ˢ˨˚˛ ˧˛˘˜˥ ˔˖˛˜˘˩˘ˠ ˡА˦ ˖˥˘˔˧˜˩˜˧ˬ ˗˘˫˧˘˥˜˧ˬІ ˟˜˧˘˥˔˖ ˖˘˦ ˟˜˞˘ ˧˛˘˦˘ ʛ˔ˡ˗ ˠ˔ˡˬІ ˠ ˢ˪ ˧ˢ ˧˘˟˟ ˧˛˘ ˧˜ˠ˘ ˨˦˜ˡ˚ ˦˛˔ ˘І ˚˘ˢ˚˥˔ˣ˛ˬІ ˘˩˘ˡ ˔˥˧ ˔ˡ˗ ˗ ˥˘˔˟˟ˬ ˘˔˦ˬ ˧ˢ ˠ˔˞˘ ˔ˡ˗ ˦˨ˣ ˧ˢ ˖˟˔˜ˠ ˬˢ˨˥ ˙˥˘˘ ˥˘˦ ˜˖˛˜˟˗Ї˖ˢЇ˨˞ʢ˥˔˥ Visit ˬ ʛ ˛˜˟˗ ˔ˡ˗ ˔˗˨˟˧ʜЅ ˠ˘ˡ˧˦Ї ˖ˬІ ˡ˨ˠ˘˥˔˖ˬ ˔ˡ˗ ˔ˡˬ ˠˢ˥˘ʜ ˗˘˩˘˟ˢˣ ˗ˢ˪˦ ˔ˡ˗ ˧˛˘ ˦˨ˡЇ ˗˘˦˜˚ˡЇ ʶ˛˜˟˗˥˘ˡ ˖˔ˡ ˣˣˢ˥˧˦ ˘˗˨˖˔˧˜ˢˡ ˜ˡ ˦ˢ˨˥˖˘Ѕ ˥˜ˡ˚ʥ˚ˢ ˧ˢ ˖˟˔˜ˠ ˬˢ˨˥ ˙˥˘˘ ˥˘˦

We partnered with experts (such as the Geographical ʴ˦˦ˢ˖˜˔˧˜ˢˡІ ˧˛˘ ˁ˔˧˜ˢˡ˔˟ ʴ˦˦ˢ˖˜˔˧˜ˢˡ ˙ˢ˥ ˧˛˘ ˇ˘˔˖˛˜ˡ˚ ˢ˙ ʸˡ˚˟˜˦˛ ˔ˡ˗ ˃˥ˢ˙ ʷ˔˩˜˗ ˂˟˨˦ˢ˚˔І ˔ˠˢˡ˚ ˢ˧˛˘˥˦ʜ ˧ˢ ˕˥˜ˡ˚ ˧˘˔˖˛˘˥˦ ˜ˠˣ˔˖˧˙˨˟ ˥˘˦ˢ˨˥˖˘˦І ˖ˢˠˣ˟˘˧˘ ˪˜˧˛ ˕˘˔˨˧˜˙˨˟ ˜ˠ˔˚˘˥ˬ ˔ˡ˗ ˘˫˖˜˧˜ˡ˚ ˔ˡ˜ˠ˔˧˜ˢˡ˦Ї ʸ˫˖˟˨˦˜˩˘ ˜ʶ˛˜˟˗ ˢ˙˙˘˥ ˙ˢ˥ ˅˔˥˜ˡ˚ʥ˚ˢЅ ˥˘˔˗˘˥˦ ʠ ʨʣʘ ˗˜˦˖ˢ˨ˡ˧Ѕ PlusІ ˢ˨˥ Captivating Classrooms ˦˘˥˩˜˖˘ ˢ˙˙˘˥˦ ˛˜˚˛ʠˤ˨˔˟˜˧ˬ ˧˘˔˖˛˜ˡ˚ ˥˘˦ˢ˨˥˖˘˦ ˧ˢ ˘ˡ˛˔ˡ˖˘ ˖˟˔˦˦˥ˢˢˠ ˘ˡ˚˔˚˘ˠ˘ˡ˧ ˔ˡ˗ ˛˘˟ˣ ˜ˠˣ˟˘ˠ˘ˡ˧ ˔ ˥˜˖˛І ˗˜˩˘˥˦˘ ˖˨˥˥˜˖˨˟˨ˠІ ˪˜˧˛ ˦˨˕˝˘˖˧˦ ˙˥ˢˠ ʵ˟˔˖˞ ʵ˥˜˧˜˦˛ ʻ˜˦˧ˢ˥ˬ ˧ˢ ʸ˩ˢ˟˨˧˜ˢˡ ˔ˡ˗ ʼˡ˛˘˥˜˧˔ˡ˖˘Ї ʽˢ˜ˡ ˨˦І ˕˘˖ˢˠ˘ ˔ˡ ˜ʶ˛˜˟˗ ʺˢ˟˗ ˠ˘ˠ˕˘˥І ˔ˡ˗ ˚˔˜ˡ ˙˨˟˟ ˔˖˖˘˦˦ ˧ˢ ˢ˨˥ lsІʣʣʣʞ ˣ˥˘ˠ˜˨ˠ ˖˥˔˙˧˦ ˔ˡ˗ ˥˘˦ˢ˨˥˖˘˦Ѕ ˃˘˥˙˘˖˧ ˧ˢ ˔˕˦ˢ˥˕ ˘ˡˤ˨˜˥˜ˡ˚ ˠ˜ˡ˗˦ ˔ˡ˗ ˕˨˦ˬ ˟˜˧˧˟˘ ˙˜ˡ˚˘˥˦ ˢ˥ ˦˨ˣˣˢ˥˧ ˖˛˜˟˗˥˘ˡ ˪˜˧˛ ˧˛˘˜˥ ˦˖˛ˢˢ˟˪ˢ˥˞Ї ˂˨˥ ˦ˣ˘˖˜˔˟ ʨʣʘ ˅˔˥˜ˡ˚ʥ˚ˢЅ ˢ˙˙˘˥ ˦˔˩˘˦ ˵ʨʬ ˔ ˬ˘˔˥Ѕ Visit ˜˖˛˜˟˗Ї˖ˢЇ˨˞ʢ˥˔˥˜ˡ˚ʥ˚ˢ Captivating Classrooms®

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Raring2go! 20 raring2go.co.uk www.italianjob.com Raising money for children in a fun way !

21 Raring2go! Fun Summer crafting ideas from our friends... SIMPLE BUG HOTEL FOR KIDS Our easy bug hotel is probably as simple and as easy as it gets – there are many prettier and cleverer bug hotels out there, but sometimes, you just have to make do with what you have and also make it easy for the kids to join in. For hundreds more crafting ideas, go to: www.redtedart.com Materials • A large plastic bottle cut into two cylinders. • String for hanging. • Sticks & twigs. • Pine cones. • Bark. • Pieces of moss. • Anything else you can find – bamboo with it’s holes, make natural straws, which are great hidey hole for insects and bugs! Basically any natural materials are great! We also had some broken plant pots but forgot all about them. Other bug hotels include other materials such as corn and drilled pieces of wood – to provide different nooks and crannies. I love the one from Garden Therapy. Have a look for inspiration. But in essence, I would say: “think natural”, “think nooks and crannies”, “think what will last” (e.g. paper could go soggy and leaves will go brittle and break/ disintegrate). It is great to use things from YOUR local environment, as you are looking to attract bugs and beetles and insects from the same local environment. How to make a Simple Bug Hotel: Time needed: 15 minutes. 1. Cut the bottle down to size We cut our bottle down to shape (may I add, that I actually drank 2 litres of fizzy water, especially for this task as we accidentally threw out our last bottle in the recycling?? Argh!) 2. Arrange your materials Check what materials you have and arrange by size and texture – we snapped our twigs to make them a little smaller. Had larger and bigger ones. Arranged pinecones. 3. Decide on the insect hotel location and add twine for hanging If you plan to hang your bug hotel, loop some garden twine round and then start layering your bug hotel. We did one hotel for on the ground and one for hanging from a tree to see if would attract different creatures. 4.Make the insect hotel nice and cozy Stuff it to make it nice and firm, so it doesn’t get blown about! And done!

THE Summer 1. What colour is a Sunfl ower? 2. Where do birds live? 3. What is the capital of England? 4. What do bees make? 5. What language do people who live in Spain speak? S k? p p 6. What is the worlds fastest bird? 7. What planet is closest to the Sun? 8. me the colours of the Union Jack 9. w many dots appear on a dice? 10. How many colours are there in the rainbow? QUICK QUIZ Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! k Nam How H ANSWERS: 1. Yellow, 2. Nest, 3. London, 4. Honey, 5. Spanish, 6. Peregrine Falcon, 7. Mercury, 8. Red, White and Blue, 9. 21, 10. 7. ma y

Plastic Free July to be part o are choosing people worldwide f why hundreds of millions o t’s oceans ... tha polluting the ill and plastic ending up in landf about e concerned globe ar ound the Communities ar f f uly. during J tic to refuse single-use plas t. Choose the environmen o help ef ort t LY.ORG PLAS UTION. ART OFTHE SOL AND BE P AVOID WASTE, PROTECTTHE OCEAN, SIGN UP r e Please join our e! the challeng will join Yes, I f th Always eek 1 day 1 w 1 mon 3. Choose the length Go completely plastic free ean end up in the oc t could Target the takeaway items tha aging tic pack e-use plas Avoid singl what you will do 2. Choose plasticfreejuly.org our website 1. Visit e? the challeng Will you join Y TICFREEJUL

LE RATES TABLE AT UNBE AWAITS THE WORLD AW A AT A rom £299 • Weekly resort stays f r-made to e, group and tailo • 50,000+ privat ff over 600,000 hotels • Up to 60% o fi Member bene ts include: ravel needs. for all your family t you one online destination bringing Travel C Introducing the Raring2go! W urs n Club, oday Sign up for FREE t • Competitive flight prices re rates • Member preferred car hi • Savings on 345,000+ activities ode and sign up for Scan this c ree today f

25 Raring2go! Ingredients 300ml Double cream 175g Condensed milk 2 tsp Peppermint extract 100g Dark chocolate chips Green food colouring (a couple of drops) Raring2make! FUN IDEAS FOR MAKING THINGS TOGETHER ‘Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice’ Mary Berry www.raring2go.co.uk Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream For more great recipe ideas please visit our website: www.raring2go.co.uk The method you’ll follow • Step 1: Whisk the double cream, condensed milk, peppermint extract and food colouring together until soft and fluffy. • Step 2: Gently stir in the chocolate chips. • Step 3: Spoon into an air tight container or loaf tin covered in cling film and freeze overnight. It’s up to you how you serve it, on its own, in a cone, whatever you do, be sure to be ready to make an extra batch , it will go down a treat with the family! Recipe supplied by Bakingmade.com

WORDSEARCH ANSWERS: Pig, Sheep, Duck, Cow, Farm. NAME THE BEACH OBJECTS: 1 Castle, 2 Sun, 3 Flippers, 4 Glasses, 5 Umbrella, 6 Towel, 7 Shell, 8 Ball. 1 5 4 6 7 2 3 B S F C S U 8 G T WORDSEARCH Find the farm yard words Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! Name the beach objects from the images provided 1 3 6 5 7 2 8 4

People assume that picture They’re not, they are for the adults and children. In fact, Raring2go! READING Far more Making time for ill books are for children. e relationship between picture books are e than a pr lustration as part of you Blake and Helen Oxenbury and we A illustrators of this age, like etty pictur r child’s reading experie d Helen Oxenbury, ALSO have brilliant rs of this age like re! ence. some of the only books that children at the same time; o is precisely to allow adults a books and talk about them t Whether you are a parent, te while you’re reading a book are often looking closely at t adults take time to look close too, they will notice things h add to the story, and are an the storytelling: emotions ex atmosphere, the reactions of t are read by adults and ne of their purposes and children to enjoy together. eacher or babysitter r, to a child, they the pictures. When ely at the illustrations idden in there that essential part of xpressed, a sense of f other characters – Jackie Morris, Chris Riddell and James Mayhew working at the top of th an entire new illust the book know it a by Melissa Castrillion, Laur O’Hara a Happily, and more ld h rs of this age, like orris, Chris Riddell and Mayhew working at the eir game – as well as e generation or two of trators emerging into k industry. If you don’t already, check out work sa Castrillion, Lauren and Chie Kutsuwada. we’re seeing more e illustrated books for ldr df dl p things are that are not writte work of an illustrator is not ju you too, as an adult. So, nex a book with a child, take ext at the work of the illustrator rewarded! What about illustrat older children? Who decided, and when, tha were only for very young chi many adult novels were illust ot only can , storically s in books oks for en into the words. The ust for the child, it is for xt time you’re reading ra time to really look too – your time will be ted books for at pictures ldren? His trated. No older chi appearin next time you ar a library, illustration as well as the wor By Tamsin Rosewell, Kenilwor e in a bookshop or ldren, and for adults, g in the market. So e you ar think about exploring the on as well as the words! in Rosewell, rth Books images really enrich an older enjoyment of a book, but illu been a vital part of storytellin our earliest stories are told in words at all; as far as we kno using visual forms of storytel Visual literacy is a vital part o too, so please do not feel th chooses graphic novels or ill books, that those books are young’ or beneath them. The ‘proper books’ in fact I woul that ill w ‘too chapter older child s education 5,500 years. ’s have been orm and not in d, some of has always ’s!) or an adult’ r child’ ’s (o ustration h ng. Indee n image fo ow human ling for 45 of a child’ ’s education at if your ustrated c somehow ese are st ld argue t 2 proper books, in fact I woul they are bigger and broader unillustrated books. We are in a great age of illus have still got great illustrator of our own childhoods, such Kenilw Talisma enilw tin any we nt than r in conten stration – w rs from ma as Quent K orth CV8 1JB an Square, rth Books, . o r in co rarin 2 o. raring2go o o.uk

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