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Autumn is such a wonderful season… It captivates us with its colours as the leaves transform and paint golden landscapes with gentle tones of crimson and amber too.The crisp air invigorates us whilst reminding us of cooler times ahead. Harvest festivals at school and an action-packed season of fun things to see and do. In this edition we’re making and baking all things Autumn, so flick through and have lots of family fun! 3 Raring2go! Copyright © 2023 Mojo Publishing Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage & retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Requests for permission or further information should be addressed to the publishers. All information in this magazine is published in good faith and cannot be reproduced without prior written permission.The publisher makes every effort to ensure that the businesses which are featured in this magazine are of the highest quality, we do not guarantee the services and products from any businesses featured. Printed by Gemini Print Group. Website Member E-newsletter emailed monthly with latest offers and events Download vouchers and save £££’s Access all our online competitions with great prizes to be won Become a Join today by visiting www.raring2go.co.uk THIS? READ ARE Y every quarter… Dad and Mums local tho e tens of Well, so ar of ? DING YOU ds ousands arin R with business e tur a e to fe be sur ng2go! your

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5 Raring2go! From ideas for fun family time together to some great awareness days. CLICK HERE to find a selection of ideas that are happening all in your area and across the country this autumn. www.raring2go.co.uk/whats-on

6 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! An Autumn bucket list for the family… 1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt: Create a list of items to fi nd in nature during the autumn season, such as colourful leaves, acorns, pinecones, or certain types of birds. Explore local parks or nature trails together as you check off each item on the list. Need ideas, click here! https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/ have-fun-with-our-raring2go-outdoorscavenger-hunt/ 2. Carve or decorate pumpkins: Get creative with pumpkins! Have a pumpkin carving or decorating session with your kids. You can try traditional jack-o’-lantern faces or get inspired by other designs like animals, superheroes, or their favourite characters. 3. Visit a local apple orchard: Take a trip to a nearby apple orchard and let your kids pick their own apples. They’ll enjoy the experience of plucking fruit from trees, and you can later use the apples to make delicious treats like apple pie or caramel apples. 4. Create leaf art: Collect colourful leaves during your nature walks and use them to make leaf art. You can create leaf rubbings, press leaves in a book to preserve them, or even glue them onto paper to make autumn-themed collages. 5. Make Toffee Apples - a traditional scrummy recipe for all the family, you don’t have to make them just once you know!

7 Raring2go! If you do one or all of our Raring2go! Autumn Bucket list, we hope you have fun! Have a fantastic time creating wonderful memories with your kids this autumn. 7. Create an ‘Autumn family portrait’: they grow up so fast, so capture those special moments in the amazing Autumn season. 6. Have a costume dress-up day: Organize a costume dress-up day for your kids, even if it’s not Halloween. Encourage them to dress up as their favourite characters or get creative with autumn-themed costumes like scarecrows, witches, or woodland creatures. 9. Create a memory jar: Autumn is a great time to make memories. Decorate a jar with your kids and encourage them to write down things they enjoyed during the Summer and are thankful for, on small slip of paper. Fill the jar throughout the season and read the notes together on a cosy autumnal evening by the fi re. 10. Make leaf piles and jump in them: Rake up a big pile of fallen leaves in your garden or a nearby park and let your kids experience the simple joy of jumping into the soft, colourful mound. It’s a classic autumn activity that never gets old and creates lasting memories 8. Plan a family ‘games’ night in- from Cluedo to Snap, there’s a family favourite for everyone!

8 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Make your own Autumn Trees with Red Ted Art this Autumn. For hundreds more crafting ideas, go to: www.redtedart.com Materials • Sticks • Leaves • White paper • Scissors • Glue stick Instructions 1. Start with the sticks to create our tree. 2. Squirt glue in a rough tree shape on the paper 3. Cut down the leaves, so that they fit on the branches of trees. 4. Stick these on with the glue. 5. Add a little more glue on the top, to help “seal” the leaves a little, so that the tree will keep better. If you want to make all 4 Tree seasons, visit the Red Ted Art website here… https://www.redtedart.com/four-seasons-crafts-autumnnature-tree/

The Big Draw is a visual literacy charity dedicated to raising the profile of drawing as a tool for wellbeing, thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. We run the world’s biggest drawing festival which is a celebration of drawing in all its forms with museums, galleries, libraries, local councils and even shopping centres, taking part and getting creative. Organisations can run Big Draw events year round, with the official festival month taking place in October. Drawing with Senses Each year we have a different theme for organisations to respond to. Our 2023 theme Drawing with Senses changes the focus from external to internal, exploring the way we personally process the world through our senses. This year we’re encouraging people to tap into the 5 senses: Touch, Sight, Sound, Taste and Smell, experimenting and transforming sensory experiences into creative work and drawings. “Being fully present in the moment with our senses, means we are not worrying about the past and not fearing the future. We can be fully immersed in what is happening now, feel less stressed, feel more positive, because we feel we have more control over our thoughts. This positivity can be a step change, becoming infectious, spreading more positivity throughout the world, making us less susceptible to overwhelm.” – Jane Barnes, Executive Director of The Big Draw How can I get involved in The Big Draw? Visit an event This year we have some incredible organisations taking part in the festival, including St Paul’s Cathedral, National Portrait Gallery, St Albans Museums, Knole House, Tees Valley Museums, Glastonbury Abbey and Hauser + Wirth. Big Draw workshops, talks and activities across these venues offer audiences new fun and creative ways to get engaged and involved. You can see what events are coming up in your area by visiting thebigdraw.org or by subscribing to our newsletter where we share an overview of all Big Draw The Big Draw What is The Big Draw? events, as well as other exciting exhibitions and workshops that catch our eye. Get your school involved Here at The Big Draw, we believe drawing and visual literacy are important skills that should be taught and developed at school. Drawing can help us develop our creative thinking skills, understand tricky concepts and give us an opportunity for both focused mindfulness and fun creative play. Schools are a huge part of The Big Draw Festival, with a number of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges taking part each year. Running The Big Draw at a school could look like an after school sketchbook club, using drawing as a learning tool across STEM subjects, a school wide art exhibition or something completely different! Schools who take part will receive a welcome pack, which contains posters, stickers and certificates to hand out to pupils, as well as access to our Drawing with Senses education pack which is full of sensory inspired drawing activities that teachers can carry out in the classroom. Keep in touch with The Big Drawon our website, newsletter and on social media to find out about creative events, enter art competitions and read inspiring blog posts. Thebigdraw.org twitter.com/The_Big_Draw https://www.instagram.com/thebigdraw/ 9

ulum. urric of the c art ls p e outdoor residentia YOU can help mak assroom. y can’t get in the cl skills the e to develop y for all young peopl d. for every chil residentia door We want an out l f The opportunit #LETUSOUT CAMPAIGN JOIN THE outwardbound.org.uk/LetU UsOut

Helping Kids Shine The TASTY, EASY way to get vitamins into little people We all want our little ones to shine in life! Haliborange Softies are a great way to support your child’s growth and development, providing some essential nutrients they need every day. Haliborange softies are available in a range of formats and flavours to ensure your little ones top up their vitamins every day without fuss. Scan to learn more about Haliborange

12 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! British Science Week 5th - 14th March Away With Words By Sophie Cameron Reviewed by Willow Brown, Aged 10 - West Midlands Raring2Read! BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FAMILIES Does your family enjoy reading? Then join our Facebook group, to share ideas, tips and recommendations. www.facebook.com/groups/raring2read This book was great. It showed me what it would be like to go to school in a country when I cannot speak the language and how difficult it must be for non-English speakers. I couldn’t put this book down! It tells the story of two girls - one who is a non-English speaker from Catalan who moves to Scotland and the other - a girl who has selective mutism. My favourite thing about this book is the way it is written - it is structured really well, representing what it feels like to not understand the language with squiggly lines ~~~~~ as if it is just all mumbled jumbled up words coming out because she is not English. I sympathised with the character and it made me think about children in my school. Raring2go! would like to thank LoveReading4Kids, for this wonderful review. LoveReading4Kids, the UK’s leading children’s book recommendation website, is now a bookstore with social purpose, where 25% of the cover price can be donated to a school to buy books. Because books change lives. Buy a Book. Support a School. Make a Difference. Click anywhere on this page to buy this book or visit: www.lovereading4kids.co.uk Huge thanks to Willow Brown for her brilliant review.

Raring2go! READING Many parents become awar dyslexia only when they star h h ’d ff id Support NGUU EQP e of their child’s rt school, so we ting Dyslex ƂFGPV TGCF Take brea only read achievab r xic o FGTU aks and d in short, ble blocks thought we’d offer some ide Ài>`iÀÃÜ œ>ÀiiÃÃVœ˜w`i is hard work and can be quit tinged with the fear that onc Li`̈“i Ã̜Àˆià ܈ Ã̜«° i ways to ensure that reading >V ˆiÛ>Li° ÞÏi݈>“>Žià ask for support, and look up ÀˆÌˆÃ ÞÏi݈>čÃÜVˆ>̈œ˜ that offering your child extra ÃÌ>ˆ˜}Ì iˆÀi>À˜ˆ˜}ˆ˜>˜Þ Allow your child to choose a eas to support young i˜Ì° i>À˜ˆ˜} ̜ Ài>` te daunting, often also ce you can read, the iÀi >Ài ܓi ȓ«i stays fun and feels ˆÌiÛi˜ >À`iÀ]Ü`œ p information on The ÜiLÈÌi° œ˜½Ìvii a help is cheating or Ü>Þ° book they want to Also take time to look at and discuss the pictures i visual literacy is important too. Rem to read is not a race against other classmates, so ignore parents i Try to think of your r home as they keep ble blocks. e time to nd discuss the in the book – eracy is important member, learning s not a race other classmates, e the boasting n the playground! nk of your role at to ensure that p enjoying books read and let them start readi a child to choose (even if it is >ÛiV œÃi˜vœÀÌ i“®ˆÃ>È investment in learning. Read your child’ ’s pace, not your own. When they make a mistake give your child time then say the word yourself a œ˜‡Ì ˆÃŽii«ÃÌ iyœÜ}œˆ˜ k plo ng – genuinely allowing s not what you would }˜ˆwV>˜Ìv>V̜Àˆ˜Ì iˆÀ d together, and read at wn. When they make a to have another try, but nd allow them to carry }° y p and stories. For an ol of audio is a class book and your child struggles to r download They will class, be able to join in discu remov knowing ot and c haracters, and der child, make use p jyg es. books too; if there book and your uggles to read it, d the audio version. keep up with the able to join in ssions about the g the story of the book will ve the anxiety associated with the the for super All t toda work with the very best writers working para goo Thes such as those by Barrington Stoke. Look challe remove the anxiety associated with the enges of reading. k out for Super Readable books, as those by Barrington Stoke. se are printed a little differently od quality paper r, proper spacin agraph breaks too. And they o k with the very best writers working ay, so you will also get a great the photos on these pages are er-readable Barrington Stoke books readers of all ages. ks, . y, with ng and only orking story. e of books 2 d Th raring2go.co here are more tips on support dyslexic readers on our website, so check out our blog on this! By Tamsin Rosewell, Kenilworth Books o.uk ting te, so

10 AUTUMN JOKES FOR KIDS. 1 Wh was out n his fi eld! 1. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his o W fall n 2. What did one leaf say to another leaf? “I¼m falling for you!” 3 s to walk! 3. Why do birds fl y south in the Autumn? Because it¼s too far to walk! Leaf me a ” 4. What did the tree say to the autumn wind? “Leaf me alone!” a 5 Wh ze? It wa yred! 5. Why did the bicycle fall over in the autumn breeze? It was two-tyred! I 5 p i mpk 6. How do you fi x a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch! m i raw- 7. What¼s a scarecrow¼s favourite fruit? Straw-berries! w 8. Why do t t ng t of the problem! 8. Why do trees hate raking leaves? Because they¼re always getting to the root of the problem g 9. Wh t do? I round. 9. What can a whole apple do that half an apple can¼t do? It can look round. ? . hey ju 10. How do trees get online in the autumn? They just log in! y

15 Raring2go! The European Day of Languages is an annual celebration held on September 26th to promote linguistic diversity and cultural understanding across Europe. In 2023, this vibrant event promises to be a grand celebration of languages, bringing together people from various backgrounds to honour the rich tapestry of European linguistic heritage. On this special day, language enthusiasts, educators, and language learners will organize a wide range of activities and events throughout Europe. Language fairs, workshops, competitions, and language exchange programmes will be organised to encourage the learning and appreciation of different languages. Cultural performances, storytelling sessions, and language-themed exhibitions will showcase the diversity and beauty of European languages. In classrooms, students will engage in interactive language lessons, exploring not only the major European languages like English, French, European Day of Languages German, Spanish, and Italian but also lesserknown regional and minority languages. Language learning apps, online platforms, and digital resources will be extensively utilised to make language learning accessible to all. European institutions, governments, and educational institutions will actively participate in promoting multilingualism and fostering language learning initiatives. Public campaigns will be launched to emphasise the importance of language skills for personal growth, intercultural communication, and professional opportunities. The European Day of Languages 2023 will serve as a platform to celebrate Europe's linguistic diversity, encourage language learning, and promote cross-cultural understanding among individuals of different nationalities. By embracing the beauty of languages, Europe aims to strengthen its unity and celebrate the unique linguistic tapestry that contributes to its cultural richness. Would you like your child to learn another language, a tutor maybe closer than you think?

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Get your aprons on and roll up your sleeves because it's time to celebrate National Baking Week in the UK! From the 14th to the 20th of October 2023, baking enthusiasts of all ages come together to embrace the joy of baking and create mouthwatering delights that warm hearts and tantalize taste buds. During this delightful week, kitchens across the nation turn into mini patisseries as families, friends, and baking enthusiasts unite to indulge in the art of baking. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to innovative and quirky creations, every oven buzzes with the aroma of delectable treats. National Baking Week encourages people to explore the world of baking, irrespective of their experience level. It's a time for beginners to try their hand at baking simple recipes like cookies and cupcakes, and for seasoned bakers to challenge themselves with intricate cakes and pastries. It's an opportunity to share baking tips, stories, and secret family National Baking Week Unleashing the Deliciousness in the UK! recipes that have stood the test of time. This delightful celebration also promotes the joy of sharing as baked goods are exchanged with friends, neighbours, and colleagues. The act of baking and gifting homemade treats spreads warmth and happiness throughout communities. Beyond the sweet delights, National Baking Week also emphasises the therapeutic and creative aspects of baking. The act of mixing, measuring, and decorating is known to reduce stress and elevate moods, making baking a perfect activity for people seeking relaxation and joy. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a baking novice, National Baking Week invites you to get involved and embrace the magic of baking. Join in the celebration, savour the deliciousness, and let your creativity soar as you whip up scrumptious goodies that will leave everyone craving for more! Happy baking! 18 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!

19 Raring2go! About the bake Fun to make and share.Why not get creative and decorate with chocolate sprinkles or decorations to personalise your toffee apples. Raring2make! FUN IDEAS FOR MAKING THINGS TOGETHER ‘Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice’ Mary Berry www.raring2go.co.uk Toffee Apples with Baking Mad For more great recipe ideas please visit our website: www.raring2go.co.uk Ingredients: 7 Apple(s) 265g Billington's Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar 130ml Water 0.5 tsp White wine vinegar 2 tbsp Golden syrup 30g Butter (unsalted) Method Step 1: Prepare the apples by cutting out a small hole in the top and attaching a stick. Lightly grease a baking sheet for placing the coated apples on. Step 2: Dissolve the sugar in the water over a moderate heat.When it has dissolved, stir in the vinegar, syrup and butter. Step 3: Bring to the boil and cook until it reaches a hard crack stage.This should take about 10 minutes.To test this drop a small amount in a glass of cold water. If it is ready a blob of toffee will form which is slightly stretchy but breaks with pressure. If using a thermometer, a hard crack should be between 146 - 155 degrees C. Step 4: Dip each apple into the toffee turning it to completely cover the apple. Step 5: Leave the apples on the prepared tray.Wrap in cellophane for gifting. For more great recipes visit Bakingmad.com and What are toffee apples made of? Toffee apples are the perfect treat for Bonfire Night or Halloween. Juicy apples are dipped into the sugar syrup and allowed to set.You can even add chocolate sprinkles at this stage too before your delicious toffee apple has set.

In a world that's constantly on the move, cycling remains a timeless activity that brings families closer together while promoting a healthy lifestyle. At bikebook, we're not just passionate about bikes – we're dedicated to ensuring every family's cycling journey is as safe as it is enjoyable. Our mission is simple: to connect families with local bicycle mechanics who ensure that their children's bikes are not only ready to ride but also safe. In this article, we'll explore how bikebook your families’ bikes are safe to ride, and we'll delve into the importance of wellmaintained bikes and safety measures for night time riding. There's nothing quite like the joy of watching our children pedal down the street with their friend. But as parents, ensuring their safety is paramount. That's where bikebook steps in – our platform simplifies the process of finding a reliable local bicycle mechanic. These skilled professionals specialise in tuning up bikes, inspecting safety features, and ensuring that every nut and bolt is secure. By connecting families with these expert mechanics, bikebook is empowering parents to give their children the gift of safe and worry-free cycling adventures. As we head into autumn and the days get shorter, the dangers of night time riding increase. Riding in the dark poses unique challenges and requires additional safety precautions. Reduced visibility makes it crucial for cyclists to be visible to others on the road. Therefore, it is imperative that your children’s bikes have the proper lighting for the conditions. Just as stars light up the night sky, bike lights and reflectors illuminate the road, ensuring that cyclists are seen by drivers and pedestrians alike. Bike lights and reflectors are a cyclist's best friends when the sun dips below the horizon. Reflectors bounce back light from vehicles, making cyclists visible from a distance. At bikebook, we recommend outfitting bikes with reflectors on wheels, pedals, and handlebars. But don't stop there! Adding front and rear lights is equally vital. A white light on the front signals your presence to oncoming traffic, while a red light at the back warns those behind you. The synergy between reflectors and lights creates a protective shield that envelops cyclists in a warm glow of safety, even in the darkest of nights. In a world full of fast-paced adventures, cycling provides families with a timeless way to bond and explore. With bikebook's dedication to connecting families with local bicycle mechanics, parents can ensure their children's bikes are in tip-top shape for every journey. Moreover, our commitment to promoting safety extends to night ime cycling, where lights and reflectors become the stars guiding cyclists through the night. So, saddle up, families, and let bikebook be your guiding light to safer and more memorable cycling experiences. Safety when riding your bike at night Bicycle servicing made easy! 20 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!

Find and compare local independent mechanics on Bicycle servicing made easy! Are you thinking of getting your bicycle serviced? www.bikebook.co.uk SHARE FOLLOW+

low income the last year h With rising costs, everyone is feel behin further a child Will you help a e no other has been lik ling the pinch. But for those on d at school? falling from hild winter will have to pi struggling to provide proper “My worry is that with the cos As a result school absenteeism is ck heating or food” food for my kids and come st of everything going up I’m . a ord but help children stay in and carers cannot otherwise We pay for things for that parents s where Buttle UK comes in. That’ ’t feel they can a ord. simply don becoming a ‘luxury’ some families with going to school are . The costs associated on the rise the classroom. so they can concentrate better in s sleep child to get a proper night’ something as basic as a bed for a laptop to do homework, or even e school uniform, a education. Lik a ord, but help children stay in 97 ùìöì÷ ation. erable paying . 313007 / Scotland – SC03799 Registered Charity No åø÷÷ïèøî òõê¦õäõìñê"êò Ýò ðäîè ä çòñä÷ìòñ òõ Ĥñç òø÷ ðòõè ù with their educa will stay engaged child thervulne forthese things and means ano erence in p huge diff will mak Just £25 e a

23 Raring2go! As adults we know the value of building a savings pot, though it’s not always so easy to achieve. Savings can help cover the cost of a family holiday or Christmas – or just an unexpected bill – and our research shows 54% of us already have a regular savings habit that works for us. So how do we instil that behaviour into the younger members of our family? UK Savings Week, which is 18-24 September, is on a mission to make savings simple, easy and rewarding, for adults and children. We are encouraging adults to start, and stick to, a regular savings habit, and the same approach can be used to encourage children to see the value of building a pot of savings. A number of UK Savings Week partners are running activities for children to help them understanding the difference between what they need and what they just want, and the benefits of saving more generally. #takethesavingschallenge The UK Savings Week challenge invites the nation to review what and how they save by taking three simple steps.The same steps are as applicable to youngsters as they are adults: 1. Set a goal Identify what would they love to save up for and how much it costs.Then look at the money they are likely to get each week or month and how much they could put away towards their goal. They could write it down or draw a picture, so they remember what they’ve committed to. 2. Make it a habit Once they’ve determined how much they can save, make saving a habit for them. For example, each time they get their pocket money let them put the agreed amount into their savings account, don’t do it for them. Encourage them to check on how their savings pot is growing. Has any interest been added to their savings? How close are they to reaching their goal? 3. Reward yourself As we have said, saving can be boring, especially if you’re young and have little concept of time! Rewards along the way can be a great way of keeping them motivated and helping them to maintain their savings habit. Rewards don’t need to cost any money, and don’t need to be complicated or big gestures – it could be extra gaming time when they reach 25% of their savings goal; or a friend to sleepover when they’re at 50%. You’ll know what motivates your child and can set the appropriate rewards. Hopefully, by getting your young ones to #takethesavingschallenge you’ll start to change their behaviour. Helping them to see the value of having some money set aside and to foster a regular savings habit whilst they’re young, are life skills that will support them throughout their lives. Getting involved Almost 100 building societies, credit unions, banks and charities are supporting UK Savings Week. Many of them are holding events in their branches and with local community groups to encourage people – big and small – to get involved in a great savings habit. Look out for activities on your high street. Find out more about UK Savings Week and the savings challenge. UK Savings Week encouraging a savings habit We all know that saving money is a great idea. But let’s be honest, the suggestion of stashing away your pocket money or birthday money isn’t that exciting when you’re young.

24 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Embark on an Exciting Adventure: Create Your Own Treasure Hunt at Home! Calling all young adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey right at home? Let’s create your very own treasure hunt and discover hidden gems in your own backyard! Gather your friends and family because this is going to be a fun-filled adventure you won’t forget! Step 1 ‘Plan your treasure hunt.’ Think about where you want the treasure hunt to take place. It could be in your garden, living room, or even around your neighbourhood. Create a map or a list of clues that will lead to the treasure. Be creative! Use riddles, puzzles, and drawings to make it exciting. Step 2 ‘Hide the Treasure.’ Find a small, special item to be the treasure. It could be a toy, a treat, or even a homemade certificate for a fun activity. Hide it in a safe and accessible spot. Remember, the joy is in the hunt, so make it challenging but no fi not too dif cult. fi cult. Step 3 ‘Set the rules’ Decide how many clues there will be and explain the rules to everyone participating. Will there be teams or individuals competing? Make sure everyone knows the boundaries of the hunt area. Step 4: Let the Hunt Begin! Hand out the first clue, and let the adventure unfold! As the kids solve each clue, they will move closer to the treasure. Encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and lots of laughter along the way. Step 5 ‘Celebrate the success’ Once the treasure is found, gather everyone together to celebrate the successful treasure hunters! Share stories of the exciting moments and the clever solutions used to solve the clues. Creating your treasure hunt is a fantastic way to have fun, bond with friends and family, and exercise your creativity. So, are you up for the challenge? Get ready to explore, solve, and fi d h hidd i find the hidden treasure in your very own home! Happy hunting!

25 Raring2go! PLACES TO GO Raring2go! 25 raring2go.co.uk www.italianjob.com Raising money for children in a fun way !

WORDSEARCH ANSWERS: Acorn, Apple, Jacket, Leaf, pumpkin, rake, school and hay. NAME THE ANIMALS: Across: 1. Lion, 3. Crocodile, 5. Giraffe. Down: 1. Leopard, 2. Elephant, 4, Zebra. 1 4 2 3 S C L 5 1 G Z E WORDSEARCH Find the Autumn related words Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! Find the animals… 1 3 1 2 4 5

THE Autumn 1. During which months does autumn typically start and end in the northern hemisphere? 2. Wh t i th fthf ti l What is the name of the festival celebrated in the United Kingdom hUidKi d during autumn to give thanks for a good harvest? 3. Which round, orange vegetable can be carved with a spooky face Halloween? 4. Which fruit is often associated with autumn and is commonly used for making pies and desserts? l df kii dd t? 5. What tree do conkers fall from? 6. Which animal starts to bury acorns in Autumn for retrieving later in Winter? 7. which sticky treat is made with apples? 8. What date is Bonfi re Night? 9. Name 4 colours associated with Autumn? 10. What date does Halloween fa QUICK QUIZ Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating! h Aut all on? ANSWERS: 1. Autumn starts in September and ends in November. 2. Harvest festival. 3. Pumpkin. 4. Apple. 5. Horse Chestnut Tree. 6. Squirrel. 7. Toffee apples. 8. 5th November. 9.Yellow, orange, red and Brown. 10. 31st October.

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29 Raring2go! We work with many household names and we’ve got some amazing prizes up for grabs for you. All our competitions are 100% FREE to enter! Entering our competitions is quick and easy! Head over to raring2go.co.uk and click the Save & Win tab! Image is for illustration purposes only and may differ from actual prizes currently available. Raring2go! Competitions

Sales experience is an advantage, but it isn’t necessary. We provide full training as part of our comprehensive start up package. To learn more about a Raring2go! franchise call us now on 01273 447101 or email franchise@raring2go.co.uk Have you ever dreamed of running your own business, making your own decisions and taking control of your working life so it fits around your family? If so, read on.... We are looking for a new franchise owner for this local editon of Raring2go! Magazine and Website. Raring2go! is a family friendly and flexible franchise business that gives its franchisees the life work balance they want. We are a magazine and website franchise... the THE GO-TO GUIDE FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN AT PRIMARY SCHOOL. As a Raring2go! franchise owner you will use your local knowledge and connections to champion local business by selling them advertising space in your magazine and on your website. You’ll be your own boss and you’ll work for yourself. But you’ll also be part of a bigger, established and highly supportive network of fellow franchisees. Someone will always be around to give advice and answer a question if you need it. You’ll also be fully supported by a team from head office. So, you’ll never be on your own. One of the best parts of being a Raring2go! franchise owner is that you’ll never again miss a school run, sports day, nativity, school play or any other activity that your children are involved in. Perhaps most significantly, you’ll also be able to take time off around your childrens school holidays, so that worries about child care and the cost of child care will become a thing of the past! Although no previous experience in sales or magazine publishing is necessary, a keen interest in the local community, an eye for detail and a can-do attitude will help. We will provide full training in all aspects of running the business at the very beginning. The main thing you will need is the ability to start a conversation and build relationships. People buy from people after all and that’s the main part of your role. If you like the sound of what you;ve just read, and think you’ve got what it takes to launch a Raring2go! franchise, give us a call and tell us why we should work together! We’d love to hear from you Could YOUbe the next owner of this local edition of Raring2go! 30 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Raring2go!

31 Raring2go! DON’T FORGET Put your clocks back 29th October at 2am An extra hour in bed YIPPEE! L you and your your go to gu YLVLW \RXōOO ƓQG WKH as o Looking for ide your go-to gu r child uide for HPKHUH LQ f places to

32 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! PLACES TO GO Heading Subheading Intro Text Advertise with Raring2go! and make a splash! email: info@raring2go.co.uk Telephone: 01273 447101