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20 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! HADRIAN’S 1900 Hadrian's Wall 1900 This year we are celebrating the 1900th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall with a year long festival, commemorating 1900 years of history. This is not just an event for the Northeast, it's of global importance and will attract visitors from all over the world. We are incredibly lucky to live next to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hadrian's Wall has always provided numerous options for a day out and this year with the 1900 celebrations there is more than ever to enjoy. Easier by car, but you can access all the major sites using the AD122 bus which runs between Hexham and Haltwhistle railway stations. There's a frequent service to both from Newcastle Central Station. One of our favourite places is the Roman Army Museum which is very close to Walltown Quarry Country Park, perfect for a picnic after learning about the Romans. Next call Vindolanda, which really is the jewel in the crown and absolutely fascinating to visit. If you ever went on a school trip years ago, then you'll be amazed at what the archaeologists have uncovered since. Literally every day, new treasures are unearthed. It's an incredible site and has a great museum and