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Raring2go! What’s On 4 raring2go.co.uk MARCH 1st St. David’s Day - St. David is the patron saint of Wales. To mark the day, Welsh people around the world wear one or both of Wales's national emblems - a daffodil and a leek. Around the world, there will be celebrations of Welsh cuisine and culture to mark this day. 11th-20th British Science week- We’re excited to say that British Science Week 2022 is going ahead at full steam. It is a ten day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. To learn more or to download a brilliant activity pack please visit www.britishscienceweek.org 7th-13th National Feet Week. The aim of National Feet Week is to promote the importance of foot health to the general public. If you have a toothache, you’d visit the dentist, and if you had trouble with your eyesight you would visit an optician. But what about your feet? Many people ignore common foot complaints rather than going to see an expert. National Feet Week wants to raise awareness and spread the message to visit a podiatrist. National Feet Week happens every year and asks everyone to prioritise their foot health. See www.nationalfeetweek.org 18th Comic Relief 2022 - Its time to roll about on the floor in laughter as we watch stars from stage, screen and the world of celebrity perform whilst they fundraise to do good... a lot of good. You are guaranteed lots of laughs watching your favourite stars unite for this annual extravaganza of comedic fundraising. There are a host of great activities and fundraising events planned that run alongside the TV marathin across the country. They need your support! So let’s get laughing and fundraising at teh same time for this fantastic cause. Learn more and get involved by visiting the official website www.comicrelief.com 20th First day of Springand the March equinox happens on at 11:33am today. In the northern hemisphere (where we are) this date marks the start of the spring season and from this point on the northern hemisphere begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, resulting in increasing daylight hours and warming temperatures. he only thing we can say about this is Yippee! 21st – 1 April – Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel - Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel is the new name for Sustrans Big Pedal. The event has a new name but it still has the same aim. To encourage families to travel to school actively, to help create healthier and happier communities. They want all children to join in the fun and to understand the health and wellbeing benefits of active travel. For details on ways to take part and download some amazing inclusivity guides visit www.bigwalkandwheel.org.uk 27th Mothers Day - Time to make Mums feel special and loved by celebrating everything they do for the family. In reality, everyday should be Mothers Day given how much they do for the family, but it’s super cool that today is recognised as the official day for celebration. For a range of inspirational Mother’s Day ideas please go to www.raring2go.co.uk/kidzone/ 27th Clocks go forward - An easy way to remember which way the clocks change is to think of the seasons: in spring the clocks 'spring forward', while in autumn they 'fall back'. At last the lighter nights are coming and today marks the beginning of British Summertime. In our book it’s worth the hour we lose in bed right? Longer days and way more daylight. Spring is here and with it come lots of fun family times, events, awareness days and laughs. Here’s our top pick of things to do and get involved in this Spring. We’re working on our Summer ‘What’s On’ now so please keep us posted on what you’re planning.

Love your local Park.... There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a family walk or bike ride in a local park. Luckily, there are many parks, gardens and open spaces right hereon our doorstep. So let’s get outdoors and soak up some of that amazing spring fresh air for free. Here are a few to choose from. Falinge Park, Falinge Rd, Rochdale OL12 6JE Broadfield Park St Alban's St, Rochdale OL16 1UT Roch Wood Nature Park Rochdale OL16 2LN Green Meadow Park Green Mdw, Rochdale OL12 9TL Norden Jubliee Park Edenfield Rd, Norden, Rochdale OL11 5TT Denehurst Park Rochdale OL11 5AU Springfield Park Bolton Rd, Rochdale OL11 4RE Springfield Park Farriers Ln, Rochdale OL11 4NZ Mandale Park Holborn St, Rochdale OL11 4QE Queens Park Queen's Park Rd, Rochdale, Heywood OL10 4UY Stanney Brook Park Harbour Ln, Milnrow, Rochdale OL16 4EL Naden Valley Rochdale OL12 7TQ Milnrow Memorial Park Newhey Rd, Newhey, Rochdale OL16 4JF Tandle Hill Country Park Tandle Hill Rd, Royton, Oldham OL2 5UX Burrs Country Park Woodhill Rd, Bury BL8 1DA Discover spring colours in gardens and parks Raring2go! 5

8 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! The Italian Job is a European motoring event which raises money for children’s charities. We do it in our Minis and we’d love you to join us in 2022 To find out more go to www.italianjob.comor call 01273 418100 Buttle UK charity is registered 313007 (England & Wales) and SC037997 (Scotland) Locally ... Regionally ... Nationally CLICK NOW

You can almost hear the crackle and crunch of animals coming out of hibernation in spring and bringing our natural world back to life. But what is it really like out there for them? Do they come out excited and ready for the world or are they a little afraid of what might happen to them? Messages from the Wild gives our animals and plants a chance to tell us and, as it is spring, we thought, what could be better than hearing from a bee? An early bee, that comes out in April and generously buzzes around, pollinating our apple trees for us. But, the Ashy Mining Bee has a dilemma. When she leaves her babies in their underground nest, to go off in search of food, will she still be able to find them when she comes back? Another familiar sight, a bit later in spring, is the beautiful bright yellow of the dandelion. Is it a weed? NO! Do you have any idea how important dandelions are to our millions of little flyers? They are like a huge helicopter landing pad for many insects and life would be a lot harder without them. What do you suppose really upsets a dandelion or indeed makes them happy? Most of nature’s creatures and plants have vital connections with each other which work to keep the natural world alive. These two: the Ashy Mining Bee and Dandelion, have one of those happy relationships. Our work is simply to make sure we look after them. What should we do to protect them? What are your thoughts? Try our free lesson plan for some inspiring ideas by clicking on this link CLICK NOW Messages from the Wild… giving nature a voice CLICK NOW CLICK NOW Raring2go! 10 raring2go.co.uk

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Only 4% of Children in the UK meet minimum swimming standards What is even more puzzling is that 81% of parents want their children to learn to swim so they can be safe and healthy around the water, yet the vast majority remove their little swimmers from lessons before they reach the standard required. Swim England state a competent swimmer should be able to: Swim at least 100 meters without stopping TreadWater for at least 30 seconds Experience swimming in clothing Float to Live – perform a star float on their back for at least 30 seconds Swimtime, a network of small family run Swim Schools, teaching over 20,000 each week, is leading the fightback. With their engaging and broad education programme, swimmers are taken through a pathway that incorporates a wide range of skills that focus on fun and safe enjoyment of the water. Key to Swimtime’s approach is shifting the focus towards safe and fun enjoyment of the water. Theo Millward, Managing Director of Swimtime said: “One of our core aims is to teach children to enjoy the water in a safe way.We don’t believe physical barriers or rules around our waterways are necessarily the answer to improving safety, it is about education. If children are taught survival skills as well as being educated about safe ways to choose where to swim and under what specific circumstances, we believe this will foster skills that will stay with them for life, no matter where in the world they may be.” Swimtime is fortunate enough to hear stories of the power of swimming lessons, not just to save an individual’s life but to save others. With lessons operating throughout the UK why not book your lesson today. Worrying, isn’t it? The fact is that over 3.4 million 7-to-11-year-olds are now failing to meet minimum standards for swimming ability according to the National Governing Body, Swim England. 14 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!

15 Raring2go! Being by the water, especially on a warm summer’s day, is a fantastic experience and one we would never want to discourage; however, water also comes with a variety of hazards. The RNLI operates 238 lifeboat stations and over mans 240 lifeguarded beaches. Accidents can still happen though. By understanding some simple water safety advice, you can help keep yourselves and loved ones safe if you’re heading to the coast. Always try and visit a beach that is lifeguarded.When you reach the lifeguarded beach, familiarise yourself with the signage and flags. The safest place to swim on a lifeguarded beach is between the red and yellow flags, this will be the area the lifeguards have deemed is the safest to enter the water. If you visit a beach and a solid red flagflying, this signifies danger, and you should not enter the water under any circumstances. Black and white flagsshow the non-motorised watercraft zone (surfers, stand up paddleborders etc) and this should not be used for swimming in. The last flag to keep an eye out for on a beach is an orange windsock. This shows that an offshore wind is blowing and therefore the use of inflatables is not advised. The UK has some of the finest beaches in the world, but please enjoy them safely and help share our water safety messaging with your friends and family. If you find yourself in difficulty in the water, float to increase your chances of survival. Float to Live 1. Fight your instinct to thrash around. 2. Lean back, extend your arms and legs. 3. If needed move them around to help you float. 4. Float until you can control your breathing. 5. Only then, call for help, swim to safety or continue floating until help arrives. James Woodhouse, RNLI Water Safety Education Manager, said: ‘We want people to enjoy the coast but urge everyone to respect the water, think about their own safety and know what to do in an emergency. If you see someone in trouble, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, visit a lifeguarded beach and if you get in trouble in the water, lean back and use your arms and legs to help you float.’ Staying safe at the coast with the RNLI The RNLI patrol over 240 beaches around the UK and provide over 1500 lifeguards to help keep people safe at the coast. In 2021, thanks to the ‘Great British Staycation’ boom, they experienced an incredibly busy summer. How can you support the RNLI? The RNLI offers a supporter membership just for children called Storm Force. For just £12 a year, your child will receive four issues of the Storm Force magazine, online access to the Crew Room with great activities and rescue videos plus a membership pack with crew bag, pencil case, stickers and more. Visit www.rnli.orgfor more information

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18 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! https://www.facebook.com/groups/raring2grow Raring2grow! HOME GARDENING IDEAS FOR FAMILIES ‘Gardening is the purest of human pleasures’ Francis Bacon www.raring2go.co.uk For more great tips click here to visit our Raring2grow! Facebook page Raring2Growing your own The last couple of years have seen many of us have a go at ‘growing your own’. There have been some really good results too, not only in terms of the delicious end product but also for the mental health benefits gardening gives us all. So if you haven’t tried it yet, here are a few ideas to help you set up your very own ‘Raring2grow garden’… Where to plant out? Where you choose to ‘plant out’ is up to you, it can be as small as a pot, window box, grow bag or a plot in the garden, size doesn’t matter as long as it's a sunny spot. When is the best time to start planting? March, April and May are the best months in which to sew your seeds. Always read the back of the seed packet for planting information as it can differ. What are the easiest plants to grow? Hardy vegetables are a good choice. Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, spring onions, runner beans, broad beans, peas & salad greens. Also, strawberries, courgettes and beetroot are all popular, there’s so much choice. What other plants to consider? For Spring, snowdrops, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and daffodils are just a few beautiful plants that will offer colour and variation to your garden with very little effort. How to involve the kids? Getting children involved in growing their own vegetables gives them a real sense of responsibility and helps them appreciate the value of eating home grown produce and eating healthy, so involve them from the off, planting seeds in their left over yoghurt pots is a great message about recycling. I’m sure we all have happy memories about seeing the cress seeds growing in junior school! Here's wishing you every success with your Spring planting! For more hints, tips and shared experiences visit our facebook page Raring2grow!

Step 1Preheat the oven to 170˚C (335˚F) and prepare your Bundt tin by brushing the inside with melted butter, dusting with flour and shaking out the excess (or use cake release spray) Step 2Cream the butter, sugar, zest and flavourings together in a stand mixer or by hand until very pale and fluffy. Step 3 Beat in the eggs gently one by one until fully incorporated. Step 4In a separate bowl lightly mix the almonds, flour and baking powder to distribute all evenly then gently mix into the wet ingredients. Step 5Pour into the tin, level off and bake for approximately 35–45 minutes, until cooked through. Use a cake tester in the centre to check. Turn the cake out and leave it to cool on a rack. Step 6Meanwhile mix your fondant sugar, zest, orange blossom and water to a dripping (but not runny) consistency Step 7Pipe all over your cake so the fondant flows into the crevices and over the pattern of your Bundt. Decorate with flowers. About the bake Our friend Juliet Sear from ITV's 'Juliet Bakes' has shared this recipe with us. Flavoured with a splash of orange blossom water and the zest and zing of orange, this Bundt is both fresh and floral. It seems only fitting to decorate it with delicate edible flowers (primroses look particularly impressive) and a drizzle of sweet fondant icing. This recipe is brought to you courtesy of our good friends at www.bakingmad.com Check them out for lots of exciting baking recipes. How to make this delicious ‘Juliet Bakes’ inspired Bundt Cake Raring2make! FUN IDEAS FOR MAKING THINGS TOGETHER ‘Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy’ Mary Berry www.raring2go.co.uk Delicious Bundt Cake by Baking Mad and ‘Juliet Bakes’ Ingredients you’ll need 250g Butter 200g Allinson's plain white flour 50g Ground Almonds 1 tsp Baking powder 225g Billington's Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar 1 tsp Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract 2 tsp Nielsen-Massey Orange BlossomWater 1 orange Zest of orange 4 Medium eggs For the Fondant 200g Silver spoon fondant icing sugar 1 tsp Nielsen-Massey Orange BlossomWater 1 orange Zest of orange 2 tspWater to loosen to desired consistency Handful Crystallised flowers (i used primroses) Utensils you’ll need for this bake Stand mixer, hand whisk or bowl and wooden spoon, Bundt tin, Pastry brush, Piping bag 19 Raring2go!

20 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Little Guides to Great Lives: ‘Anne Frank’ A brief guide to Anne Frank Reviewed by Darcy Plant, age 8 from Stourbridge Raring2Read! BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FAMILIES Does your family enjoy reading? Then join our Facebook group, to share ideas, tips and recommendations. www.facebook.com/groups/raring2read “This book is about a Jewish girl called Anne who was Jewish and dreamed of being an author. I liked reading about her early childhood. She spent most of her time enjoying herself. She rode her bike and played with her sister Margot. I didn't like reading about the Germans because they wanted to capture all of the Jews. Anne is now famous because of the diary that her Dad, Otto Frank, published in all of the languages of the world. She wrote about what went on during the World War II. Anne and her family were hiding behind Otto's office, so she left her kitty named Mouschi If you enjoy reading about the past and you want to know more about Anne Frank then I recommend reading this book. Raring2go! would like to thank Darcy Plant for her incredible review of this book about Anne Frank. We were genuinely thrilled to receive Darcy’s review especially in light of her young years and given the nature of the book itself. Darcy’s review (pictured left) was so well rounded and presented. We look forward to keeping up with Darcy’s reading list in future.

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22 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! What’s On 31st March - 3rd April London Coffee Festival Here’s a chance to master your latte art and sample some of the best small batch and specialist coffee at London’s annual Coffee Festival in March. Hosted at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane there’s heaps to see and do, whether you want to hone your skills or just soak up the caffeine hit(s). Book a ticket and enjoy a workshop from one of the many coffee masters on site, or try one of several brand new experiences such as Mindful Coffee Tasting. For further details please check out their website www.londoncoffeefestival.com APRIL 1st April - April Fools Day Celebrated on April 1st each year, April Fools Day has been marked for several centuries by different cultures, though its exact origins still remain a mystery to this day. April Fools’ Day traditions can include playing hoaxes and practical jokes on others, often yelling “April Fools!” at the end to clue in the subject of the April Fools’ Day prank. While its exact history is shrouded in mystery, the adoption of April Fools’ Day jokes by the media and major brands alike has ensured the unofficial holiday’s long life. 2nd April - 1st May Ramadan- Ramadan is an important time in the Islamic calendar. It is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, followers of Islam. It is celebrated as the month during which Muhammad received the initial revelations of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam 15th – 17th Easter - Celebrating the Christian festival of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. More recently Easter celebrations have become synonymous by the consumption of Chocolate ‘Easter Eggs’. 16th – 24th National Parks Week - Learn more about our national parks and get involved – Be More Outside - Check www.nationalparks.uk 29th -International Dance Day - Since 1982, this day is a total celebration for those who see the value and importance of dance as an art form. Visit www.international-dance-day.org MAY 1st National Share a Story month - bringing children and stories together and inspiring the next generation to enjoy the magical world of books and storytelling. See www.fcbg.org.uk 6th National Space Day 2022 - On the first Friday in May, Space day inspires us to learn about what’s going on in the universe. Great fun for budding Neil Armstrongs. Make sure you visit www.spacecentre.co.ukfor more information. 23rd-31st Go Paddling Week Join the paddling community by getting out taking to the water to have fun. Either a dabble on tranquil water or splashing around down heart pounding rapids, it a really exciting thig to do. To learn more please visit www.gopaddlingmonth.info 24–28 The RHS Chelsea Flower Show- One of the best known Royal Horticultural Shows, the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show returns in spring with stunning garden designs, gorgeous floral displays and endless shopping. This year there are will be even more unforgettable floral and horticultural displays than ever before. For further information visit www.rhs.org.uk Further details of these events plus many more are avalaible at: www.raring2go.co.uk

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Create a weekly Meal planner This will help you easily manage your family outgoings, and also make meal times easier to prepare for. Make a weekly shopping list This will save you money, and ensure that no unlisted items are purchased, so you should have hardly any waste. Easy no? Be aware of the dates on your fresh items Be smart when you are shopping by always checking the use by dates. Simply check the produce at the back of the shelves/ fridges in the supermarket as they will always place the nearest dates to the front. First in, first out Prioritise your meal planner to match with the expiry dates of the produce. Freeze the items that are close to the expiry date To make sure you don’t waste any items that are close to going off, why not freeze them until you are ready to use? Measure your portions and make double If you measure out per person, you will probably find you’ll have more produce left over. So why not make more than you need, to create the same meal for the following week. Freeze your left overs Never throw anything away that can be used for another meal.Whether it be for lunch, dinner or just a snack, it really is worth keeping it in the freezer for another time. Create a tasty snack Veg that is close to its ‘eat by’ date will make a delicious and tasty soup. Leftover fruit is great for making a smoothie. Make saving waste fun Incentivise your children to eat all of their meals- maybe have a wallchart with stars, and at the end of the week, they get a treat. Keep track of what’s in your cupboard and what’s in your freezer Make a note of what you haven’t used, or have sitting in your cupboard so you don’t buy the same thing next time. We’re feeling pretty smug as already we are achieving our goal. So, here’s wishing you every success in saving your money, cutting food waste and helping the environment! Every year we throw away tonnes of food and drink from our homes which is a waste of money and harms the environment. We’re on a mission at Raring2go! to save money and reduce household waste so here are our top tips to improve our impact on the environment... Cutting food waste! 24 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!

Raring2go! 25 Week in, week out, thousands of FoodCycle volunteers in your community transform surplus food into healthy, delicious meals for anyone that needs them. Food poverty and loneliness are growing issues, both heightened by the recent pandemic. By offering a safe, welcoming space to enjoy a free meal and company, FoodCycle brings people from all backgrounds and walks of live together, improving mental wellbeing and strengthening community spirit. The meals are open to anyone that needs them, and guests range from low-income families, people affected by homelessness, the elderly and those who simply cannot afford to buy food. With the cost of living continuing to rise, it is estimated that British families face the prospect of having to endure the worst cost of living crisis for 30 years, which means that FoodCycle is needed more than ever. FoodCycle is open to everyone - come along and enjoy a meal or sign up to volunteer. We have a number of flexible volunteer roles including food collection, cooking, hosting, running Projects or you can make weekly phone calls from the comfort of your own home. For more information and to sign up visit www.foodcycle.org.uk Connecting communities through food and conversation FoodCycle is a UK charity that combines surplus food, spare kitchen spaces and volunteers to create three-course meals for people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. Registered charity No. 1134423

Raring2go! PLACES TO GO 4 raring2go.co.uk Love the Earth 10 ways to love the Earth 1. Love Nature Having an appreciation of nature from an early age will help children see that our world is beautiful and worth their time and efforts. Local parks, woodlands and nature reserves are a great place to start. Ask youngsters to spot things from nature or print out a bug hunt, scavenger trail or animal detective sheet from our website www.raring2go.co.uk/kidszone >Ži >ÀÌ vÀœ“ ܅>Ì ÞœÕ w˜` œ˜ your walk. Look out for children’s holiday workshops that encourage a love of nature such as pond dipping or forest schools. 2. Love Animals A great way to develop a love for animals is to see them with your own eyes. By visiting your local zoo, safari park or animal conservation centre you are helping to conserve endangered species here and abroad. Find out how their work supports animals from their websites. 3. Love Walking Getting out on foot is by far the best way to travel for the environment and is good for our health too. Get children to love walking by making it fun. Get a pedometer or download a free app to your phone so they can see how many steps they’ve taken. Try the Love Exploring free app www.loveexploring.co.uk which includes games and guided tours. 4. Love Recycling Get your children to help with sorting the recycling when they are old enough. It might seem a massive task to reduce the amount of plastics we use, but break it down so that children can see the small things they can do can make a difference. Take a reusable water bottle to school, `œ˜½Ì ÜÀ>« Ã>˜`܈V…ià ˆ˜ Vˆ˜} w“] ˆv their school doesn’t recycle ask them to bring their lunch litter home so it can be recycled with household waste, use rechargeable batteries for their electronic toys and games instead of single-use batteries. Climate change is the topic of the moment but how can we help our children develop a love for the Earth without scaring them? R rin 2 o! 26 . .

Raring2go! PLACES TO GO 5 7. Love Cycling Bikes are a sustainable transport option so get youngsters on a bike as soon as possible. Bikeability courses teach your child how to ride a bike safely and are run at locations across the country. Read our tips on how to ride a bike at www. raring2go.co.uk 5. Love Food Visit local working farms to see how our food is grown, meet the animals, buy local produce from the farm shop or pickyour-own fruit, veg and pumpkins or pay > ÛˆÃˆÌ Ìœ ޜÕÀ œV> Àiw Ŝ«° 6ˆÃˆÌ ̅i Love Food, Hate Waste website for lots of tips including recipes to use up left-overs, storage tips and a useful portion planner for 1-2, 4-10 and 11-18-year-olds. www.lovefoodhatewaste.com 6. Love Pre-Loved Encourage children to be proud to wear ‘hand-me-downs’ from brothers and sisters, cousins and friends as ‘pre-loved’ items cut down on waste and your carbon foot print. Re-useable nappies work out cheaper the more babies that wear them! There’s loads of resale apps but why not consider giving your good quality used clothes to a local charity shop, so you are helping a local cause as well as the environment. Uniforms can be problematic as they are not accepted by all charity shops. Why not set up a uniform swap at your school or you can sign your school up to Uniformerly www.uniformerly.co.uk 9. Love Gifts We all like a present to open but often they involve buying lots of plastic. If you are invited to a Naming or Christening ceremony consider buying a tree that could be planted in the child’s garden. They can then see how tall the tree has grown as they grow and if you buy a fruit tree, they can even eat fruit from it. The best time to plant a tree is in the colder months, get advice from your local garden centre. 10. Love Water Remember to turn off taps when brushing your teeth and that showers are more iVœ˜œ“ˆV> ̅>˜ L>̅ð ˆÌÌiÀ V>˜ w˜` ˆÌà way into rivers, streams and canals and can make its way to the sea. To keep it from blowing into waterways join an organised litter pick or organise one yourself. www.keepbritaintidy.org 8. Love Local You don’t have to travel abroad to have fun, you can reduce your carbon footprint by getting together closer to home. We are so lucky in this area to have so many exciting places such as the ones in this magazine. Why not visit a different park, playground, or woodland each weekend? Raring2go! 27

28 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Looking for ideas & inspiration to capture your children’s imagination? Then why don’t you drop into our amazing... Dive right in to our Kids Zone for lots of ideas and resources for fun, play and discovery. We promise your children Our website is fully loaded with lots of great 100%FREEcontent to keep your children busy, engaged, productive and having fun this spring no matter what is on the TV or on their devices! What’s in our Kids Zone? FACE PAINTING ACTIVITY SHEETS FUN SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS OUTDOORACTIVITIES WORD SEARCH&QUIZ ARTSANDCRAFTS COLOURING SHEETS NATURE FUN PUZZLE SHEETS ... PLUS LOTSMORE Make your own Bath Bomb! Create a Fairy Garden Nature Walk Diary Build an Air Pollution Test click here NOW to visit our KIDSZONE

Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations are coming.... Street parties The UK has a long history of organised street parties to celebrate national events. Why not organise one for your neighbours for the Platinum Jubilee? You’re welcome to host parties right across the bank holiday weekend, or as part of The Big Jubilee Lunch (below). The Big Jubilee Lunch To coincide with the Platinum Jubilee, The Big Jubilee Lunch will be taking place on Sunday 5 June. Since 2009, The Big Lunch has encouraged local communities to celebrate their connections and get to know each other a little bit better. Beacon lighting The UK has a long tradition of celebrating Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations through beacon lighting. You could light beacons or you could get involved in beacon lighting within your local communities on the evening of 2 June. The Queen’s Green Canopy You can continue to plant trees until the end of the Jubilee year in 2022 as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy. Platinum Jubilee emblem Download the official Platinum Jubilee emblem. It is free of charge, and can be used for all activities associated with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, including community and national events, publications, social media, retail and also for merchandising. Funding Are you seeking funding to support an event or activity you are planning to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? A range of options are available. Platinum Jubilee related names and titles. Thinking about what to call your Platinum Jubilee event ? Or are you considering renaming a building to mark the occasion? Check the guidance on this. Social media Join the Platinum Jubilee conversation by sharing your events, activities, tributes and creativity using the hashtags: #PlatinumJubileeand #HM70 and tagging @DCMS on Twitter or @dcmsgovukon Instagram and Facebook. The Queen’s Private Estates Celebrations will also take place on The Queen’s private estates, Sandringham and Balmoral, for local residents and visitors to enjoy. Events free for members of the public to take part in over the Bank Holiday weekend will include ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’ on the big screen in the Royal Parkland at Sandringham - a live screening of the BBC Concert celebrating the most significant and joyous moments from The Queen’s reign of seven decades. The lighting of the Sandringham beacon will also take place in the Royal Parkland, and will be accompanied by live music from the Norwich Pipe Band and the Hunstanton Band. There has been little to celebrate these past two years, but Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 is definitely cause for celebration. Here are some ideas to help you mark this incredible milestone. Please visit www.raring2go.co.uk for more. 29 Raring2go!

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