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ROCHDALE GIRLGUIDING & UEFA P14 MAGAZINE & WEBSITE THE GO-TO GUIDE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD RIDING WITHOUT STABLISERS P30 LOVE YOUR LOCAL PARK P7 raring2go.co.uk SUMMER 2022 Summer Reading Challenge 2022 Presented by The Reading Agency. Delivered in partnership with libraries.

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Raring2go! What’s On 4 raring2go.co.uk JUNE 1.Future Comic Creators The Story Museum’s exhibition called KA-BOOM! The Art of Creating Comics, open’s on May 30th 2022 and will run until Spring 2023. It will inspire children to become the next generation of comic creators. KA-BOOM! will take visitors on an interactive journey through the comic-making process in the hope that it will encourage the next generation of comic artists and writers to be inspired. 2. Children's Art Week brings free events around the UK CAW is an annual UK-wide programme that gives children & young people the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of art activities online, at home and in schools. There are many events, activities & workshops for children of all ages and the aim is to encourage everyone to get involved. #GetKidsCreating. All events and activities are free to take part in using simple materials that can be found around the home. CAW is run by Engage, the national Association for Gallery Education. JULY 3. National Picnic Month As July arrives, so does Picnic Time especially when school ends. So it’s time to get out and about for some picnic fun in the sun (hopefully!) If you’re looking for ideas on places to picnic or delicious suggestions for what to inclue in a picnic, we’ve got lots of ideas on our website. 4. Plastic Free July Whether you’re a first timer looking for a few single-use plastics to avoid, or someone well on their way to a plastic free life, there are heaps of great suggestions and ideas to inspire you at home, work, school, and community. 5.Clean Beaches Week A wonderful initiative to clean up our beautiful shores. To get involved visit here. The future of our beatuful coastlines can be seriously improved if we all dig deep and offer a helping hand. 6. National BBQ Week Sometimes known as ‘Dad’s burnt the sausages week’. National BBQ Week celebrates it’s 26th week in 2022. So stock up on bangers, burgers, briquet and whatever else takes your fancy, and spark up the BBQ! Summer is here bringing lots of fun family times, events, awareness days and laughs. Here’s our top pick of things to do and get involved in this Summer. Check the QUICK LINKS panel on the next page for links direct to where the action is this Summer...

Raring2go! 5 7. Don’t step on a Bee Day Without the tireless work of our native bees, more than 1 third of everything we eat would quite simply disappear from tables across the country. Bees are vital for the ecosystem of the planet and yet they are under threat like never before. 8. The Commonwealth Games This summer’s Commonwealth Games takes places in the city of Birmingham. This festival of sport is a treat for families and many events are open for free public viewing whilst others are ticket only. Take a look at our feature on the Games in this edition. 9. Love Parks Week Returns Learn all about what you can do in your community to look after our beautiful Parks 10. National Cheesecake Day Celebrate in style with Baking Mad’s Baked Cheesecake recipe. It’s a 5 Star recipe and take it from us, it tastes absolutely delicious. A great recipe for little ones to try! AUGUST 11.Shine Night Walk 2022 Supporting the work of Cancer Research UK. Various dates across the UK. 12. It’s time for Playday 2022 Playday is the national day for play, traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August. It is the biggest play sector event in the UK, and possibly Europe! As well as a complete celebration of a child’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance and benefits of play in children’s lives. 13. Afternoon Tea Week 2022 Celebrating that most British tradition of Afternoon Tea, and providing the perfect excuse to catch up with loved ones over a cup of tea and some expertly created treats. SEPTEMBER 14. Organic September A celebration of everything organic and the hard work and dedication that goes into growing and making, working with nature, not against it. This is a fascinating insight into the world of organic products. 15. Heritage Open Days back HOD’s is the largest festival in England of history and culture. See hidden places and try out new experiences – it’s all FREE. 1. www.storymuseum.org.uk 2. www.childrensartweek.org.uk 3. www.raring2go.co.uk/?s=picnic 4. www.plasticfreejuly.org/get-involved 5. www.beachcleans.org.uk/get-involved 6. www.nationalbbqweek.co.uk 7. www.beegood.co.uk/blogs/news 8. www.birmingham2022.com 09. www.keepbritaintidy.org 10. www.raring2go.co.uk/recipes 11. www.cancerresearchuk.org 12. www.playday.org.uk 13. www.afternoontea.co.uk 14. www.goorganicuk.com 15. www.heritageopendays.org.uk Quick links to all featured Summer events

Raring2go! 6 raring2go.co.uk Ever struggled for ideas to keep the kids entertained? Be it indoors or outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of 7 hobby ideas to try as a family! 1. Go camping? Wherever you live camping is a great break from the everyday hustle & bustle of life. Switch off your phones and just star gaze as your tasty marshmallows toast over a campfire.What a great way to make memories, and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. 2. Try a local sporting activity? Why not join a tennis club, golf club or or even support your local football team.There are so many sports you could be a part of, so choose one that you can all support, play and enjoy together as a family. 3.We’re big fans of gardening here at Raring2go! so why not try your hand as as family and plant a perfect garden? From colourful flowers, homegrown vegetables to spicing up your meals with your very own herb garden, there are many fabulous ways to get growing at home. Buy some seeds, and child-size gardening equipment and see what you can grow. It’s also a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden too. 4. Try collecting nature for artwork? There are so many things from seashells on the beach to conkers in autumn that you can collect from the great outdoors with the family. Bring them home and enjoy getting crafty together creating homemade cards, artwork and gifts.We’ve got lots of ideas online. 5. How about a treasure hunt? Before you go out, create a tick list for your children to take with them of items to to collect. Include things such as different types of sticks, bugs, leaves and anything else you can think off that can be seen outside. Go for a walk together and see how many things you can spot on your treasure hunting outing together. 6.Why not try riding your bikes? Teaching your children to ride a bike is a great way to give you an awesome activity to do as a family! Riding a bike is a great way to not only get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, but it also really helps develop hand-eye coordination and strengthen everyones muscles at the same time! 7. Go for a walk or better still a hike! Walking and hiking are great ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and appreciate the stunning scenery all around right on our doorstep.What’s better still is when a walk becomes a twalk and the conversation, laughs and fun times flow as you enjoy your family time outdoors. We hope you enjoy these 7 very simple suggestions to help you and your family enjoy the great outdoors together, even as autumn begins to set it in. It’s all about making memories as a family that last forever. Seven perfect ways to enjoy the great outdoors as a family

Love your local Park.... It’s back and it’s bigger than ever! LOVE PARKS WEEKtakes place across the UK from July 29th to August 5th. So join in and celebrate the amazing free to use outdoor spaces right here on our doorstep. Not sure where to go first? Here are a few local suggestions to choose from. Falinge Park, Falinge Rd, Rochdale OL12 6JE Broadfield Park St Alban's St, Rochdale OL16 1UT Roch Wood Nature Park Rochdale OL16 2LN Green Meadow Park Green Mdw, Rochdale OL12 9TL Norden Jubliee Park Edenfield Rd, Norden, Rochdale OL11 5TT Denehurst Park Rochdale OL11 5AU Springfield Park Bolton Rd, Rochdale OL11 4RE Springfield Park Farriers Ln, Rochdale OL11 4NZ Mandale Park Holborn St, Rochdale OL11 4QE Queens Park Queen's Park Rd, Rochdale, Heywood OL10 4UY Stanney Brook Park Harbour Ln, Milnrow, Rochdale OL16 4EL Naden Valley Rochdale OL12 7TQ Milnrow Memorial Park Newhey Rd, Newhey, Rochdale OL16 4JF Tandle Hill Country Park Tandle Hill Rd, Royton, Oldham OL2 5UX Burrs Country Park Woodhill Rd, Bury BL8 1DA 7 Raring2go! 29 July - 5 August #ROCHDALE #GTRMANCHESTER #LoveParks

8 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! ɖȸ ɮǣɀǣȒȇ ǣɀ ǔȒ ȸ ƺɵ ȸ XȇɎȸȒƳɖƬǣȇǕ Ȓɖȸ z0á ƺƬȒ ɀɖ ƫɀƬȸǣȵɎǣȒȇ ƫȒɴ ȵǼƏȇƺɎ ɎȒ ȵȸȒɎƺƬɎ Ȓɖȸ ǝƏɮƺ Ɏǝƺ ȵȒɯƺ ƫƺǼǣƺɮƺ ɎǝƏɎ Ɏǝ ƺɮƺȸɵ ƬǝǣǼƳ ɎȒ ƏȇƳ ǣȇǔȒȅƏɎǣȒȇ RȒɖȸɀ Ȓǔ ǔɖȇ ƏƬɎǣɮǣɎǣƺɀً ȇƺɯɀ ɀɎȸƏǣǕǝɎ ɎȒ ɵȒɖȸ ǼƺɎɎƺȸƫȒɴ ÁǝƺȅƺƳ ȅȒȇɎǝǼɵ ǸǣɎɀ ƳƺǼǣɮƺȸƺƳ ƏȇƳ ǣȇɀȵǣȸǣȇǕ Ɏǝƺȅ ɎȒ ȵȸȒɎƺƬɎ ǣɎ !ȒȇȇƺƬɎǣȇǕ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ɯǣɎǝ Ȓɖȸ ȵǼƏȇƺɎ ƳǣɀƬȒɖȇɎ ɯǣɎǝ ƬȒƳƺ J…׏׎ ۏ ׎ Ȓɖȸ ȵȸȒǔǣɎ ǕȒƺɀ ɎȒ ǕȒȒƳ ƬƏɖɀƺɀ Ȓǔ ۏ ׎ ד ɀ Ə ɀȒƬǣƏǼ ƺȇɎƺȸȵȸǣɀƺً ȵǼƏɀɎǣƬ ǔȸƺƺ ɀɖɀɎƏǣȇƏƫǼƺ ƏȇƳ ۏ ׏׎׎ ƺȅȵȒɯƺȸ ȵƏȸƺȇɎɀ ȇ ƺƏɀɵ Ƭȸǣƫ ɀǝƺƺɎ ɎȒ ׏ ɯɯɯِǣɎɀȒɖȸȵǼƏȇƺɎɎȒȒِƬȒِɖǸ

9 Raring2go! ɎȒ ǕȒȒƳ ƬƏɖɀƺɀِ ƫƏƬǸ Ȓǔ ƏǼǼ ȵȸȒǔǣɎɀ ۏ ׎ ד ƬȒȅȅǣɎ ɎȒ ǕǣɮǣȇǕ Ǖǣɮƺɀ ƫƏƬǸِ ɀ Ə ɀȒƬǣƏǼ ƺȇɎƺȸȵȸǣɀƺً Ɏǝƺɵ ǼƺƳ ǕǣǔɎ ɎǝƏɎ ƺƳɖƬƏɎƺɀ ƏȇƳ ٮ ƺɴƬǣɎǣȇǕ ƺƬȒ ȵǼƏɀɎǣƬ ǔȸƺƺ ƏȇƳ ȵȸȒɮǣƳƺ Ə ǔɖȇ ƏȇƳ ɀɖɀɎƏǣȇƏƫǼƺ ƏȇƳ ۏ Áǝƺ ɎȒȒǼ ǸǣɎɀ Əȸƺ ׏׎׎ ɀɖƫɀƬȸǣȵɎǣȒȇ ƫȒɴ ǔȒȸ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ³ȒƬǣƏǼ ƺȇɎƺȸȵȸǣɀƺ ǼƏɖȇƬǝƺɀ ȇƺɯ ƺƬȒ * # -* / #*( F * 4*0 # 1 '$//' Ȓɖȸ ȅƺɀɀƏǕƺɀٓ ɀƏɵɀ ǔȒɖȇƳƺȸً kƏɎƺِ ٓRȒɯ ɎȒ ƫƺ ȸƺǼǣƏȇɎ Ȓȇ ƫɖɀɵ ȵƏȸƺȇɎɀ ȵƏɀɀǣȇǕ Ȓȇ Ɏ ɯƏȇɎ ټ ɖɎ ɯƺ ƳȒȇ ٹ ȸƺɮǣƺɯɀ ǔȸȒȅ ȵƏȸƺȇɎɀِ ƺƬȒ ƫȸƏȇƳ ǔȒȸ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ǝƏɀ ȸƺƬƺǣɮƺƳ ǕȸƺƏɎ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ɎȒ ǼƺƏȸȇ ƏƫȒɖɎ Ȓɖȸ ȵǼƏȇƺɎ ٫ Ɏǝǣɀ Ə ȸƺɀȒɖȸƬƺ ǔȒȸ ٮ ³ɎƏȸɎǣȇǕ Ǽǣǔƺ Əɀ Ə ɯƺƫɀǣɎƺ ƺȇɮǣȸȒȇȅƺȇɎِ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ɎȒ ǼȒɮƺ ƏȇƳ ƬƏȸƺ ǔȒȸ Ɏǝƺ ƬȸƺƏɎƺƳ ƫɵ kƏɎƺً Ə ȅɖȅ Ȓǔ ɎɯȒ ɎȒ ǣȇɀȵǣȸƺ ɯƏɀ XɎٔɀ…ɖȸ ¨ǼƏȇƺɎ ÁȒȒ ³ȒƬǣƏǼ ƺȇɎƺȸȵȸǣɀƺً áǝƏɎ ƺɴɎȸƏ ɀɎɖǔǔ ɯǣǼǼ X ȇƺƺƳ ɎȒ ƫɖɵّ ɵƺƏȸ ȒǼƳɀِ ז ɎȒ ב áǝƏɎ ƏǕƺ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ Əȸƺ Ɏǝƺɵ ƏǣȅƺƳ ƏɎّ ƺƏɀɵ Ƭȸǣƫ ɀǝƺƺɎ ɎȒ ƺȅȵȒɯƺȸ ȵƏȸƺȇɎɀ ɎȒ Ȓɖȸ ȅȒȇɎǝǼɵ ɎȒȒǼ ǸǣɎɀ ɯǣǼǼ ƏǼɀȒ ǣȇƬǼɖƳƺ Əȇ Ɏǝƺ ɀƏȅƺ ȵȒɀǣɎǣȒȇًٓ ɀƏɵɀ kƏɎƺِ ٓ0ƏƬǝ Ȓǔ ƏȇƳ X Əȅ ɀɖȸƺ Ɏǝƺȸƺ Əȸƺ ȅƏȇɵ ȵƏȸƺȇɎɀ ǣȇ ɎƏǼǸ ɎȒ Ɏǝƺǣȸ ƬǼƏɀɀ ƏƫȒɖɎ ƬǼǣȅƏɎƺ ƬǝƏȇǕƺ Ɏ ǔƺƺǼ ƺȷɖǣȵȵƺƳ ɎȒ ټ Ȓǔ ɎƺƏƬǝƺȸɀ ƳȒȇ ۏ ׎ ו Əɀ ȸƺƬƺȇɎ ȸƺȵȒȸɎ ɀɖǕǕƺɀɎƺƳ ɎǝƏɎ Əɀ ȅƏȇɵ ٹ ɖȵɀِ ȅƺɀɀɵ ȵǼƏɵ٣ ƏȇƳ ɀȒȅƺɎǝǣȇǕ ǔȒȸ ǕȸȒɯȇ ƬȸƏǔɎɀً ɀƬǣƺȇƬƺ ƺɴȵƺȸǣȅƺȇɎɀً ǕƏȸƳƺȇǣȇǕ Ȓȸ ƏƬɎǣɮǣɎǣƺɀ ٢ɯǝǣƬǝ ȅƏɵ ǣȇƬǼɖƳƺ ƏȸɎɀ ƏȇƳ ɎɵȵǣƬƏǼ ƫȒɴً ɵȒɖ ɯǣǼǼ ǔǣȇƳ ȅƏȇɵ ǝȒɖȸɀ Ȓǔ ǣɀɀɖƺ Ȓȸ Əȇ ƺȇƳƏȇǕƺȸƺƳ ƏȇǣȅƏǼِ Xȇ Ə ɎǝƺȅƺƳ ƏȸȒɖȇƳ Ə ɀȵƺƬǣǔǣƬ ƺȇɮǣȸȒȇȅƺȇɎƏǼ ȵȸƺƬǣȒɖɀ ȵǼƏȇƺɎِ 0ƏƬǝ ȅȒȇɎǝǼɵ ɎȒȒǼ ǸǣɎ ǣɀ ƳƺɀǣǕȇƺƳ ɎȒ ƬȒȇȇƺƬɎ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ɯǣɎǝ Ȓɖȸ Əȸƺ ÁȒȒǼ kǣɎ IȒȸ 0ƬȒ RƺȸȒƺɀ Ə ٮ ƫȒɴ Áǝƺǣȸ ȸƺƬƺȇɎǼɵ ǼƏɖȇƬǝƺƳ ƺƬȒ ɀɖƫɀƬȸǣȵɎǣȒȇ ǣȇɀȵǣȸƺɀ Ɏǝƺȅّٓ ɎƏȇǕǣƫǼƺ ɀȒǼɖɎǣȒȇ ɎǝƏɎ ƫȒɎǝ ƺƳɖƬƏɎƺɀ ƏȇƳ ƬƏȇ ɯƺ ȸƺƏƬǝ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ ƳǣȸƺƬɎǼɵ ɯǣɎǝ Ə J א Ȓǔ «ƏȸǣȇǕ ƳǣɀƬȒɖ ۏ ׏׎ ɎǝƺȅƺƳ ǸǣɎ ȅȒȇɎǝɀِ çȒ ɀɖƫɀƬȸǣȵɎǣȒ ¨ȸǣƬƺɀ ɀɎƏȸɎ RȒɯ ƳȒ X ƫ ƺɮƺȇ ǣȇ Ɏǝƺ ƏȸȒɖȇƳ ɵȒɖ ƏƬɎǣɮǣɎǣƺɀ ɖ ɀɎɖǔǔ ٻ ȅȒȸƺ ǣɀ ɎǝƏɎ ɯƺ ɯ ȇƺ Ȓǔ Ɏǝƺ Ȓٍ ɯǣɎǝ Ɏǝƺ ƬȒƳƺ J…׏׎ِ ȇɎ ƬȒƳƺ ǣɀ ƏɮƏǣǼƏƫǼƺ ɎȒ ȸƺƏƳƺȸ ȇ ƺɴƬǼɖɀǣɮƺ ɀ Ȓȇ Ɏǝƺ ɯƺƫɀǣɎƺِ ɖ ƬƏȇ ƏǼɀȒ ȵɖȸƬǝƏɀƺ ǣȇƳǣɮǣƳɖƏǼ א ƏȇƳ ׏ ה ً ב ȇɀ Əȸƺ ƏɮƏǣǼƏƫǼƺ ǔȒȸ ׎ ƏȇƳ ƳǣɀƬȒɖȇɎƺƳ ד ِ חگ ƏɎ ɖɵ Ə ɎȒȒǼ ǸǣɎّ ȸƺƬɵƬǼǣȇǕ ƫȒɴِ ȸ ǝȒȅƺً ǣȇ ɵȒɖȸ ǕƏȸƳƺȇ Ȓȸ ɀƺ ɎǝǣȇǕɀ ɎǝƏɎ ɵȒɖ ƬƏȇ ǔǣȇƳ ƺƏƬǝ ȅȒȇɎǝِ ³Ȓ ȅȒɀɎ Ȓǔ Ɏǝƺ ټ Ɏ ƫȒȅƫƏȸƳ ɵȒɖ ɯǣɎǝ ټ ȒɖǼƳȇ Ǹƺɵ ǣƳƺƏɀ ƫƺǝǣȇƳ Ȓɖȸ ɎȒȒǼ ǸǣɎɀ Ȓȸ ȅȒȸƺ ǣȇǔȒȸȅƏɎǣȒȇً ɮǣɀǣɎ ɯɯɯِǣɎɀȒɖȸȵǼƏȇƺɎɎȒȒِƬȒِɖǸ ٺ ƏƫȒɖɎ ɀȵƺƬǣǔǣƬ ƺȇɮǣȸȒȇȅƺȇɎƏǼ ƬȒȇƬƺȸȇɀِ ɀɎƏȸɎ ƬȒȇɮƺȸɀƏɎǣȒȇɀ ɯǣɎǝ Ɏǝƺǣȸ ƬǝǣǼƳȸƺȇ I

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12 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! https://www.facebook.com/groups/raring2grow Raring2grow! HOME GARDENING IDEAS FOR FAMILIES ‘Gardening is the purest of human pleasures’ Francis Bacon www.raring2go.co.uk For more great tips click here to visit our Raring2grow! Facebook page June Planting salad ingredients such as lettuce, beetroot, spring onions & cucumber make a perfect healthy harvest for you in the summer months and is so rewarding to serve up on your plates. It’s also a perfect time to sow Sunflowers too! July Going into the warmer months, it’s really great to try and encourage wildlife into your garden. Maybe build a bug house or why not make a fairy garden (visit our website for ‘how to’ guides’!) It’s also a good time to plant your veg patch for your Winter crops, spring cabbage, turnips carrots & leeks are all great. August It’s important to remember to water your plants well during the drier months as a lack of watering and regular, ongoing maintenance could cause problems . It’s also time to harvest the fruit of your hard labours... salad crops should be ready to pick & serve now. Ideas for planting for winter; Pansies, Violas and Boxwood to name but a few are perfect to sow for the months ahead. We wish you a very happy summer of gardening fun. We’d love to hear & see how your gardens grow, so please do send in your pictures to info@raring2go.co.uk making sure you call it ‘Raring2grow!’ We hope we inspired you in our spring edition to have a go at ‘growing your own’. It’s great fun and we hope that if you did get stuck in, it ignited a joy of gardening with the family. Hopefully late frost we had didn’t dampen your enthuisiasm. Here are a few suggestions on what to plant for the coming months ahead.

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14 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Girlguiding and UEFAWomen’s EURO 2022 announce a 1 year partnership to challenge gender stereotypes and help more girls and young women enjoy the beautiful game To mark this new partnership, Girlguiding has created a new badge for members to collect Girlguiding, the UK’s leading charity for girls and young women, and UEFAWomen’s EURO 2022 have teamed up to encourage more girls and young women to get involved in football. The partnership is being announced ahead of this summer’s UEFAWomen’s EURO 2022 tournament. It is hoped the collaboration will excite and encourage girls and young women’s interest in football and reinforce the sport’s inclusivity. Girlguiding members will also have the chance to celebrate the tournament with a brand-new badge, whether they watch a match or participate in the co-created football activities. Through the partnership, more than 5,000 Girlguiding members are planning to attend EURO matches across England this summer. Tickets are still available for matches at most venues. Prices start at £10 for adults and £5 for under 16s: To launch this new partnership, Girlguiding members from 21st NE Manchester Rainbows, Brownies and Guides and the Greater Manchester Rangers joined England footballers, Katie Zelem and Ella Toone for a fun training session at Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium, which will host the opening game of UEFAWomen’s EURO 2022 on 6 July. The girls had the opportunity to try out new football related activities co-created by Girlguiding and UEFA, before trying their hand at being a sports journalist during a girl-led press conference. England midfielder Katie Zelem said: “Getting to meet all the Girlguiding members was just incredible. They picked up the activities so quickly and we all had an amazing time on the pitch talking about the game. As a former Rainbow, myself, it’s fantastic to be involved in such an important partnership” Teammate Ella Toone added:“I wish something similar had existed when I was younger, and I look forward to the tournament this summer knowing that Girlguiding members all over the country will be cheering us on with energy and passion.” Recent research commissioned by CHILDWISE found almost one third (32%) of girls aged 7-17 would like more opportunities to play football and more than half of girls (52%) have never watched football in a stadium, compared to 33% of boys. The research also found 69% of girls would like to see women’s football celebrated more in the media and 71% of all children (boys and girls) think female footballers should be paid the same as male footballers. Girlguiding Advocate Caitlyn, 22, added:“Football is such a great sport, to play and to watch. I’m so excited Girlguiding and UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 have teamed up to help more girls to get involved. The co-created activities are a great way to introduce girls to the game and get across the message that football is for everyone, not just for boys.” Girlguiding and UEFA women’s EURO 2022 join forces to get more girls & young women playing football

Charity no: 313007/ SC037997 WE’RE ALL BEING IMPACTED BYTHE Buttle UK is there for children and young people in crisis. What we do is very simple, we pay for everyday things that families ÷ëä÷ äõè ö÷õøêêïìñê æäñđ÷ äģòõç Ò÷ æòøïç åè ä åèç öæëòòï øñìéòõð òõ ä ïäó÷òó ÷ò îèèó øó úì÷ë öæëòòïúòõî Ýëìñêö ÷ëä÷ ðäñü òé øö ÷äîè éòõ êõäñ÷èç åø÷ ðäîè äïï ÷ëè çìģèõèñæè úëèñ ðòñèü ìö öëòõ÷ Please visit buttleuk.org/raring2go to find out how you can help us reach more in the coming year. COST OF LIVING CRISIS BUT SOME FAMILIES ARE ALREADY BEING THAN MOST HIT HARDER BUTTLE UK HAVE SUPPORTED OVER CHILDREN ACROSS THE UK IN THE LAST TWO YEARS 10,000

16 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Everyone’s welcome at Scouts. All genders, races, backgrounds and faiths (including people of no faith). There’s a Scout adventure out there waiting for you, no matter how much time you can spare. Every week, we give almost half a million 4–25year-olds, and our 100,000 adult volunteers, the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life. Squirrels play, learn and get outdoors, and Beavers try new things and make new friends. Cubs master new skills and have adventures, while Scouts and Explorers challenge themselves, explore the world and take the lead in making positive change. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our amazing and inspiring army of amazing volunteers. But why’s it #GoodForYouto volunteer with Scouts? Volunteering’s not just about giving back – it goes both ways. We want volunteers across the UK to jump in and get muddy. To try new things and make new friends. To ignore the butterflies and go for it. To develop new skills and soar to great heights. To feel empowered and make a positive difference in their local communities. Volunteers might join us because they want to try something new, and support their CV and wellbeing. They might want to make friends, Scouts is a UK-based charity that encourages young people and adults to achieve anything they set their minds to – and have lots of fun along the way.

17 Raring2go! spend time with their children, or gain valuable experience with young people. They could also be interested in doing something good for their community and themselves, and keep active. Whether it’s reconnecting with your community, benefitting your mental health or getting out we think all these things are #GoodForYou. Right now, we need volunteers to help us create opportunities for young people, by supporting their wellbeing and building the skills they need to succeed in life. Working in teams, our volunteers do lots of things. They welcome young people and families to sessions and events, help to plan and lead activities, get involved with days out, camps and expeditions and celebrate young people's achievements big and small. Volunteers make sure everyone's feeling safe, supported, included and having fun. They share and learn skills – from things like cake decorating to canoeing. They tell stories and play games. Get active and explore the outdoors. Help build dens and host a sleepover beneath the stars. And they all know Scouts is #GoodForYou. Most of our volunteers work directly with young people aged 4-18, empowering thousands of young people to gain skills for life. They support them with activities and adventures, making new friends, and standing on their own two feet. However, not all volunteers work directly with young people. Locally, regionally & nationally, many volunteers help in other ways. They manage volunteer training, help with admin, look after fundraising and finances, and spread the word about Scouts to attract new members. Whether you want to work with young people directly or help behind the scenes, there is something for everyone at Scouts – the whole family can be involved. We’re committed to reaching out to new and different families and communities, including people who’ve never tried Scouts before. That’s why, in 2021, we started our Squirrel Dreys for 4–6-year-olds in areas where people needed them most – in our most underserved areas. This helps us offer young people skills for life when and where they need them. As a volunteer, you might be leading an activity at a local meeting place, organising a night away, or buttering 120 slices of bread to feed a Pack of very hungry Cubs. No two meetings are the same, but we promise that every single one really is #GoodForYou. Learn more at: scouts.org.uk/volunteer

18 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Here’s how you make this delicious Trifle! Step 1: Gingerbread men: place the butter, muscovado sugar in a medium sized saucepan and heat gently until the butter has melted and the muscovado sugar has dissolved. Stir until the mixture blends together but do not boil. Step 2: Sieve the flour, bicarbonate of soda and ginger together then beat it into the muscovado sugar mixture with the golden syrup until smooth. Step 3: Turn mixture out onto cling film and pat into a flat ball. Wrap tightly and chill for 30 mins or until firm enough to roll out. Step 4: Heat the oven to 190°C (170°C Fan, Gas Mark 5). Line two baking trays with baking parchment. Step 5: Dust the work top with flour and roll out the dough to the thickness of a one pound coin. Cut out your gingerbread men (or whatever shape you like) and place on the baking trays. Step 6: Bake 10-12 minutes until just turning slightly darker at the edges. Step 7: Leave to cool on the baking tray for 10 minutes then slide the gingerbread men onto a cooling rack to cool completely. Step 8: Next prepare the gingerbread sponge. Preheat oven to 150°C (fan 140°C, gas mark 2). Grease and line two 8 sandwich tins. Step 9: Melt the butter, molasses sugar, milk and marmalade, in a pan over a low heat, then leave to cool. Step 10: Mix the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl and make a hollow in the centre. Slowly pour in the melted mixture, stirring all the time, to form a smooth batter. Step 11: Beat in the eggs, then stir in the ginger and sultanas or raisins. Step 12: Pour into the prepared cake tins and bake for 30 minutes or until risen and firm in the centre. Cool in the tin. Step 13: Once the cakes are cooled, crumble or slice them and fill the base of your trifle bowl with a layer of gingerbread sponge (save some back for another layer) Step 14: Place the gingerbread men around the edge of the bowls with the details (faces) positioned facing outwards. Then add the next layer of your trifle, the caramel topped with the custard. Step 15: Use the remaining crumbled cake for the next layer, keeping back a small amount for the decoration on top of the trifle. Step 16: Whip the cream to a soft peak and top the trifle with it, spread it to cover the whole surface. Finish by sprinkling the remaining gingerbread crumbs on top. Raring2make! FUN IDEAS FOR MAKING THINGS TOGETHER ‘Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy’ Mary Berry www.raring2go.co.uk Delicious Gingerbread Trifle courtesy of our good friends at www.bakingmad.com Ingredients you’ll need For the Sponge 225g Billington’s Unrefined Molasses Sugar 225g Unsalted butter (softened) 300ml Milk (whole) 225g Marmalade 370 Wholemeal self raising flour 1 tbsp Ground ginger 2 tbsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Nutmeg (grated) 2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda 2 Large free range egg(s) 7 Stem ginger (drained, finely chopped) 100g Raisin For the Trifle 500g Vanilla custard 600ml Double cream 260g Salted caramel sauce For the Gingerbread 100G Unsalted butter (softened) 50g Billington’s Unrefined Light Muscovado Sugar 5 tbsp Golden syrup 225g Allinson’s Plain White Flour 1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda 2 tsp Ginger (ground)


20 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! British Science Week 5th - 14th March Incredible books for all Children Raring2Read! BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FAMILIES Does your family enjoy reading? Then why not join our Facebook group, to share ideas, tips and recommendations. To read a review of all the books in this series go to: https://raring2go.co.uk/2022/02/raring2go-reviews-shine-books/ Shine Books is a publisher that dedicates its work ‘for anyone who ever felt like they didn't fit in’. Initially created for 3-8 year olds, there is no set age limit! We reviewed six Shine books to see for ourselves just how fabulous they are - and we weren't disappointed! The books introduce us to six loveable and fun characters, beautifully illustrated by Robert Hooper, all living with different conditions which present them with challenges at school. While the books are of course highly beneficial for children living with those challenges, they are also a really great way of introducing all children to the themes of diversity, nurturing an ethos of understanding and empathy from a young age. Most children without SEN will be in classes with childr n who do have SEN - these books pave the way for inclusion and friendships which previously may not have been easily made. The books introduce us to Alice, an Aardvark with Autism; Charlie, a Chimpanzee with ADHD; Dylan, a Dog with Dyslexia; Emma, an Elephant with Epilepsy; Ollie, an Otter with OCD; and Priya, a Panda with Dyspraxia. Here’s a closer look at one of the of 6 incredible books... Alice (An Aardvark With Autism) is incredibly good when it comes to numbers, but she doesn't like loud noise, and is anxious about being in noisy situations. She wants to be with her friends, but a birthday party proves too challenging. Alice finds it difficult to explain how she is feeling, but Alice's mum and Alice's school friends come up with a solution, enabling Alice to enjoy a birthday party with her friend Dylan after all.We love this book as it high lights Alice's strengths, and demonstrates how a little understanding and planning can enable a child to be included in social events. As parents, we should never underestimate the power and influence classmates have on our children's wellbeing, and the power the actions of our own children have on their friends. 'Always be kind' is indeed a great lesson for our youngsters; sharing these books with your child is a great way to develop that ethos. At Raring2go! we love what Shine Books is doing. Every child is different and that some find school life difficult. Children with special educational needs (SEN) face additional challenges. While most children hit milestones and achieve well in literacy skills, children with SEN may be left wondering why it is so difficult for them. Time for SHINE Books


22 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Which one are you? PADDLER slider chiller stille - never r sit - URER ADVENT Explore the possibilities raring2go.co.uk/eurocamp For the best savings on your Eurocamp holiday visit:

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24 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Bookseller, Tamsin of Kenilworth Books gives us a round up of some of the best books out now for children of all ages! New titles for Summer fun!

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26 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Here are seven tips on how you can help your child learn how to do playtime solo. 1. Get Them Started Children will pick up things, and play with them if they’re interested. But sometimes, they’ll immediately grow bored if their imagination runs dry. That’s why they need an endless well of inspiration to make solo playtime last longer. By spending the first few minutes helping your child do an activity (such as building a fort or starting a puzzle with them), they’ll stick with it for a while longer. 2. Have The Right Toys Having the right toys is essential. If the child gravitates to a few toys, then have those particular items available.You can even show them other toys that they didn’t know they had. 3. Don’t Answer Every Request Your child should be able to have plenty of things to play with on their own. However, if you stop, every once in a while, to answer your child’s every whim, then it stops them from playing alone. 4. No Distractions Television, loud music, or other siblings may cause distractions during solo play. Have your child settle down to play on their own by turning off the TV, opting for calming background music (or no music at all), and giving them space away from their siblings. That way, your child will be able to better focus on playing alone. 5. AdmireWhat They’re Doing At A Distance You may respond to one or two requests, but don’t interrupt your child’s playtime. Though, if your child says something like “Watch this!” or “Look what I’ve made!” you can tell them how you like what they’re doing or what they’ve made – just make those comments brief. 6. Talk About It Afterwards Once your child has done solo playtime for the day, sit down with them and talk about the experience. This gives your child the opportunity to tell you how they had spent their time playing alone, and the “adventures” that they had in doing so. 7. Make Time Scheduling can be hectic, when it comes to your child. So, be sure to structure your child’s day, so that they have time to play alone (at least ten minutes a day, when possible). Conclusion Children will need to learn this skill at some point. Playing alone helps them learn: • to focus, and stay focused on a task • to be independent by using creativity • to understand that their parents are some • times busy and can’t be there right away, • AND • to appreciate what they already have Be sure to keep these tips in mind, the next time you want your child to play by themselves for a while. Tips On How Kids Can Learn Solo Play 7The first five years of a child’s life should revolve around learning to socialize with other children. But now that they’re older, they’ll need to learn how to play alone. If this isn’t taught, the child will grow bored and restless.What should you do?

28 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Heritage Open Days return this September. Brought to you by the National Trust and supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. Run by thousands of small local organisations and volunteers, Heritage Open Days gives everyone free access to experiences and events across England. This year HOD’s honour the English inventions and innovations we simply can’t live without. Each year, places right across the country throw open their doors and give people the chance to see hidden places and try new experiences for free. Many events will adopt this year’s theme ... Astounding Inventions. Alongside stories of wonders, the festival will also highlight some of the blunders, fads and outright failures that pepper England’s rich history of innovation. Liam Montgomery, Heritage Open Days Marketing & Projects Manager says: ‘We’re thrilled to be focusing on inventions for this year’s festival, as they offer such an exciting lens for examining heritage. From the humble chocolate bar to the WorldWide Web, England has an incredibly diverse history of innovation and discovery.We wanted to celebrate this by sharing stories from across the regions to really showcase the ingenuity and hard work behind them. Once again, we’re very excited to see what our community put together!” Events registered so far include: Tilehurst Bell Ringing, Reading, Berkshire - celebrating the great British invention of church bell change-ringing, The British Lawnmower Museum, Southport, Lancashire - At the cutting edge - the astounding invention of the lawnmower. The History of Gas - Beverley, North Yorkshire - Internationally acclaimed historian of gas, Professor Russell Thomas, will present for a talk on the origins and development of the industry. Great Linford Manor Park, Milton Keynes, Berkshire - Learn more about its fascinating history, including at the time of the Industrial Revolution and the coming of the Grand Union Canal. British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum - London From rare pre-war radios to the television sets you might recall seeing at your grandparents’ house. Last year more than 44,000 local organisers and volunteers ran 4,000 events across the country. Festival-goers said their visit made them more proud of their local area (80%) and felt events were a great way to bring communities together (70%). Every Heritage Open Days event is free, including access to many sites that usually charge for admission. , HERITAGE OPEN DAYS CELEBRATES ASTOUNDING INVENTIONS For further information and to register your event visit www.heritageopendays.org.uk.

29 Raring2go! Volunteers needed in ROCHDALE

30 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! Ditch the Stabilisers with Kidvelo Balance Bikes With many years experience in this fast moving sector, Kidvelo Balance Bikes believe that stabilisers can hinder a child when they are learning to ride a bike. Here’s why they believe this and why in 2009 they started their business as a consequence. The first time you manage to ride a bike is a milestone you undoubtedly remember and a valuable skill you would like for your child. Traditionally, the use of stabilisers was intended to keep a bicycle upright. The problem is that balance is the most challenging skill to learn, and once those stabilisers are removed the child still hasn't learned to balance. Inevitably, accidents then happen, and this fear and frustration puts kids off riding a bike. It's the sink or swim approach! The better way is a Balance Bike! Learn balance first, and then the rest is child's play. A balance bike's geometry is different from a pedal bike as the child has their feet safely on the ground whilst sitting on the saddle. The pedals, crank and drivetrain have gone, leaving a simple frame, handlebars and two wheels. The simplicity of the balance bike allows kids from age 1 to start learning to balance by walking the bike along at their own pace. They lift their feet for longer and as a result perfect their balance as they grow in confidence. They can then transition to a pedal bike without stabilisers and ride happily and confidently! Kidvelo is a specialist balance bike manufacturer that has used their 40 years combined experience in racing and teaching children on balance bikes to perfect their kids' range. Kidvelo produce the lightest of all balance bikes of comparable quality. Some you can then even add pedals to! To get the Raring2go! special offer of 10% off your first bike, visit Kidvelo’s website. Learn more about Kidvelo: Kidvelo Bikes UK Chandos Business Centre 87 Warwick Street Leamington Spa Warks, CV32 4RJ 01926 339107 help@kidvelobikes.co.uk www.kidvelobikes.co.uk

31 Raring2go! Sales experience is an advantage, but it isn’t necessary. We provide full training as part of our comprehensive start up package. To learn ore about a Raring2go! franchise call us now on 01273 447101 or email franchise@raring2go.co.uk Have you ever dreamed of running your own business, making your own decisions and taking control of your working life so it fits around your family? We are looking for new franchise owners across the UK who are thinking about making their next move. A move that will see them at the helm of their own local Raring2go! magazine and website; a thriving and well respected local business, run by local people for local families. As part of your role as a Raring2go! Editor, you will discover new places to visit with your family, you’ll be invited to review shows at local theatres and try out new activities with your children. You’ll champion local business Additionally, by working for yourself as part of the Raring2go! franchise you wil have the option to be there for the school run every day, to attend all sports days, nativities and school plays and activities that your children are involved in. Very importantly you’ll take time off around the school holidays so child care concerns become a thing of the past. As Raring2go! Editor, you’ll be running your own independent business where you work for yourself and you make the decisions. But you’ll also be part of a supportive franchise network, where there’s always someone on hand to give advice and support if and when you need it. You’ll never be alone. Although no previous experience on sales or publishing is necessary, an interest in the local community, an eye for detail and a tenacious can-do attitude will certainly help. If you’re ready for a change in direction and have always dreamed of being your own boss, get in touch with our team for a chat!

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34 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go! We’re very excited about our new website section ‘Activities at Home’. It’s home to a heady mix of sleeves rolled up, hands-on ‘Make & Do’ activities as well as lots of fun to make ‘Recipes’ that will suit all ages, abilities and most importantly when it comes to food.... tastebuds. Whatever Activity at Home you choose to do with us, we know you’re going to have hours of fun doing it. Activities at Home is the new GO-TO section of our website for when the Great British weather does what it does best and disagrees (often at the last minute) with the forecast. Activities at Home could be the solution for when the sun should be shining but isn’t. It’s already full to bursting with some really great content with more being added every day. It’s content that will save the day when energy levels are lower than normal and there may be a need for a slightly more sedate, leisurely activity to keep the children occupied, engaged and havng fun. All of the content in this section maximise engagement among children and make it as ‘sticky’ as possible.We don’t mean sticky as in messy but as in ‘stickability’! *(children’s ability to persevere with something through to the end).We want to provide heaps of great ideas & suggestions for fun, enjoyable and stimulating activities to keep children engrossed as they create ‘something’ they can proudly share with others. Whether it be a recipe they’ve made to share with the family later or a colouring-in sheet that they will proudly attach in pride of place on the fridge door. There are already hundreds of fun and tasty, easy to follow recipes there already and more are being added every single day. In Make or Do we’ve got lots of fun, exciting and interactive science experiments, colouring in and activity sheets, puzzles, quizzes, step by step guides to making fun ‘stuff ’ from Jubilee flags to soap powered boats plus lots more. #TakeaPeek If you have an incredible idea for an activity we can include in Activities at Homeor perhaps a simple but delicious recipe, please let us know. We’d love to know about it and share it far and wide with all our familiy audience. Please email your idea(s) to: info@raring2go.co.uk Welcome to Activities at Home The new home on www.raring2go.co.uk for weather beating, boredom-busting activities and recipes Irresistable ‘Fish Finger’ sandwich with Tempura chunky cod fillet Make a Jet Pack Build a Bird Feeder!

35 Raring2go! The World’s largest museum prize, the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2022 is up for grabs and Oxford’s Story Museum is one of five shortlisted museums. The Story Museum’s upcoming exhibition called KA-BOOM! The Art of Creating Comics, open’s on May 30th 2022 and will run until Spring 2023. It will inspire children to become the next generation of comic creators. KA-BOOM! will take visitors on an interactive journey through the comic-making process in the hope that it will encourage the next generation of comic artists and writers to be inspired. A giant pop-up comic strip takes over the museum’s temporary exhibition space, and will reveal what makes a great comic, whilst giving children all the necessary skills and confidence to make their own. Visitors will be taken hand in hand through the comic making process - from developing all characters & plotting, right to drawing, colouring and lettering - with the help of some famous faces including Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, Cadet Judge Dredd and Bunny VS Monkey. There’ll also be top tips from leading experts. Also on display will be original artwork that showcases the rich history of British comic book making from the 1950’s right to the present day. Just like all great comics, this exhibition will be overseen by its newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, Octoboom the octopus which was created by 9-year-old Eddie Tilling at The Story Museum’s monthly Comic Club. Octoboom will lead visitors through the process of creating a comic. KA-BOOM! is on a mission to represent story telling in all forms whilst making reading an accessible, enjoyable experience for children of all abilities and ages. It is a proven medium that supports the development of literacy, offering a different route into discovering the pleasure of reading. Caroline Jones, Director of The Story Museum, comments, “Comics are one of the many story forms we collect and celebrate at the Story Museum.The exhibition will lift the curtain on the comic making process, from creating complex narratives to developing eye-catching artwork.The comics on display will showcase the skill behind their apparent simplicity.“ KA-BOOM! opens following the sold-out Phoenix Comic Festival, which took place at The Story Museum earlier in the year. The festival celebrated The Phoenix's 10th birthday with a selection of masterclasses & interactive workshops with some of the comic's best-loved contributors. Oxford’s STORY MUSEUM is shortlisted for prestigious prize To find our more just click this page or visit: storymuseum.org.uk

Being by the water, especially on a warm summer’s day, is a fantastic experience and one we would never want to discourage; however, water also comes with a variety of hazards. The RNLI operates 238 lifeboat stations and over mans 240 lifeguarded beaches. Accidents can still happen though. By understanding some simple water safety advice, you can help keep yourselves and loved ones safe if you’re heading to the coast. Always try and visit a beach that is lifeguarded.When you reach the lifeguarded beach, familiarise yourself with the signage and flags. The safest place to swim on a lifeguarded beach is between the red and yellow flags, this will be the area the lifeguards have deemed is the safest to enter the water. If you visit a beach and a solid red flagflying, this signifies danger. Do not enter the water under any circumstances. Black and white flagsshow the non-motorised watercraft zone (surfers, stand up paddleborders etc) and this should not be used for swimming in. The last flag to keep an eye out for on a beach is an orange windsock. This shows that an offshore wind is blowing and therefore the use of inflatables is not advised. The UK has some of the finest beaches in the world, but please enjoy them safely and help share our water safety messaging with your friends and family. If you find yourself in difficulty in the water, float to increase your chances of survival. Float to Live 1. Fight your instinct to thrash around. 2. Lean back, extend your arms and legs. 3. If needed move them around to help you float. 4. Float until you can control your breathing. 5. Only then, call for help, swim to safety or continue floating until help arrives. Gabbi Batchelor, RNLI Water Safety Education Manager, said: ‘It is important that anyone visiting the coast understands the risks of the environment. It can be very unpredictable, particularly during early summer when the risk of cold water shock significantly increases, as air temperatures warmbut water temperatures remain dangerously cold. If you get into trouble in the water, Float to Live: lean back, using your arms and legs to stay afloat. Control your breathing, then call for help or swim to safety. In a coastal emergency, call 999 or 112 for the Coastguard.’ Staying safe at the coast with the RNLI How can you support the RNLI? The RNLI offers a supporter membership just for children called Storm Force. For just £12 a year, your child will receive four issues of the Storm Force magazine, online access to the Crew Room with great activities and rescue videos plus a membership pack with crew bag, pencil case, stickers and more. Visit www.rnli.orgfor more information The RNLI patrol over 240 beaches around the UK and provide over 1500 lifeguards to help keep people safe at the coast. This year we’re expecting even more people to visit the coast than last year, so it’s important to remember some key pieces of safety advice 36 raring2go.co.uk Raring2go!