Raring2go! Wolverhampton

Raring2go! WHAT’S ON SUMMER Raring2go! PLACES TO GO 24 raring2go .co.uk 25 ANSWERS 1: Three (1,000) 2: Elsa 3: A lamb 4: 52 5: Australia 6: 25 7: Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus, Venus 8: He had a great fall (he fell off the wall) 9: George 10: Shark (dolphins and whales are both aquatic mammals) 11: An astronaut 12: Ariel 13: Seven (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) 14: Butterflies 15: Egypt 17: France 18: Giraffe (adult giraffes can grow up to nearly 6 meters in height) 1 Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating. THE HOW MANY POINTS CAN YOU SCORE? THERE ARE A MAXIMUM OF 30 POINTS 1 How many zeros are there in the number one thousand? 2 Who is Anna’s sister in the Disney film Frozen? 3 What is a young sheep called? 4 How many weeks are in a year? 5 In what country is the Great Barrier Reef? 6 What is half of the number fifty? 7 Name as many planets in our solar system as you can (a point for each) 8 When Humpty Dumpty was sitting on a wall, what happened next? 9 In Peppa Pig, what is Peppa’s little brother called? 10 Which one of these is a fish: A shark, a whale or a dolphin? 11 What do we call someone who travels to space in a rocket? 12 What is the little mermaid’s name in the Disney film? 13 How many colours are there in the rainbow? (and a bonus for naming them) 14 What do caterpillars turn into? 15 In what country are the pyramids? 16 Paris is the capital city of which country? 17 What is the tallest animal in the world?