Raring2go! Bedford & Biggleswade

Raring2go! THINGS TO DO Raring2go! An Autumn bucket list for the family… 1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt: Create a list of items to  nd in nature during the autumn season, such as colourful leaves, acorns, pinecones, or certain types of birds. Explore local parks or nature trails together as you check off each item on the list. Need ideas, click here! https://raring2go.co.uk/activities/ have-fun-with-our-raring2go-outdoorscavenger-hunt/ 2. Carve or decorate pumpkins: Get creative with pumpkins! Have a pumpkin carving or decorating session with your kids. You can try traditional jack-o’-lantern faces or get inspired by other designs like animals, superheroes, or their favourite characters. 3. Visit a local apple orchard: Take a trip to a nearby apple orchard and let your kids pick their own apples. They’ll enjoy the experience of plucking fruit from trees, and you can later use the apples to make delicious treats like apple pie or caramel apples. 4. Create leaf art: Collect colourful leaves during your nature walks and use them to make leaf art. You can create leaf rubbings, press leaves in a book to preserve them, or even glue them onto paper to make autumn-themed collages. 5. Make Toffee Apples - a traditional scrummy recipe for all the family, you don’t have to make them just once you know! 24 raring2go.co.uk