Raring2go! Bedford & Biggleswade

Raring2go! THINGS TO DO Raring2go! If you do one or all of our Raring2go! Autumn Bucket list, we hope you have fun! Have a fantastic time creating wonderful memories with your kids this autumn. 7. Create an ‘Autumn family portrait’: they grow up so fast, so capture those special moments in the amazing Autumn season. 6. Have a costume dress-up day: Organize a costume dress-up day for your kids, even if it’s not Halloween. Encourage them to dress up as their favourite characters or get creative with autumn-themed costumes like scarecrows, witches, or woodland creatures. 9. Create a memory jar: Autumn is a great time to make memories. Decorate a jar with your kids and encourage them to write down things they enjoyed during the Summer and are thankful for, on small slip of paper. Fill the jar throughout the season and read the notes together on a cosy autumnal evening by the  re. 10. Make leaf piles and jump in them: Rake up a big pile of fallen leaves in your garden or a nearby park and let your kids experience the simple joy of jumping into the soft, colourful mound. It’s a classic autumn activity that never gets old and creates lasting memories 8. Plan a family ‘games’ night in- from Cluedo to Snap, there’s a family favourite for everyone! raring2go.co.uk 25