Raring2go! Rochdale

Bug Hunt There’s lots of bugs all around us, so why not do your very own bug hunt. Create your own crib sheet, listing 5 or 6 bugs you’d like to find in your back garden… Garden Olympics - 5 make your own ideas Balance Beam- a long piece of wood on the grass. Bean Bag throw Relay Race Hurdle Race Gymnastics Garden Sleep out We all love sleeping in a tent right? When the weather’s good, set up the camp and have lots of fun! Bird Spotting Robins, Sparrows, Black Birds and so many more visit our gardens on a daily basis, so download the RSPB ‘Go Birdwatching’ activity sheet and see how many different birds are visiting you every day! Click here. Build a Bug hotel Bricks, wooden pallets, leaves, twigs, all you can find in the garden to make a fabulous Bug Hotel. Click here to learn more. 1 3 2 4 5 10 fun Summer fam