Raring2go! Rochdale

Garden Miniature Golf course For those Tiger Woods wannabes, make the most of Summer and create your own golf course in your back garden. All you need is golf clubs and balls, plastic cups, obstacles i.e bricks, plastic bottles, drainpipe, anything that you can make a ramp with… Learn to…roller-skate, ice-skate, ride a bike, play cricket/rounders/netball/basketball A great time to learn something new from skating to ball games, take your time, the pressures off, just enjoy learning a new skill. Make a picnic on a budget When the weather is fine and warm, we all love to get out and about, so making a picnic to take a long is a fun cheap thing to do. Click here for ideas. Write a story For the wet or cooler days, get the kids story writing, letting imaginations go wild and enjoy their own creative juices flow. Garden boardgames Twister, scrabble, Draughts, Dominos, snakes and Ladders, there’s so much fun to be had making these for the garden. 7 6 8 9 10 mily activities to try!